10 Things Every Newlywed Couple Needs in Their Home

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When you get married, “my home” becomes “our home.” Marriage equals commitment, which means you need to start thinking long-term when it comes to your household purchases. Ask yourself, “Will I still be using this five years from now?

Changing the way you think about your home purchases might mean spending more money up front, but some things are worth the investment in order to build a practical, functional, and beautiful home for both you and your partner.

1. Deluxe Towels

Cheap towels fray and tear easily—plus, they’re less absorbent. High-quality towels actually get the job done, last longer, and look and feel more luxurious, making them a better value despite the higher price tag.

2. A Household Organizer

Organization is key once you get married, and a household organizer goes a long way toward making sure everything has its own place. You can find a number of stylish organizers online, or you can try a DIY approach for a more personal touch.

3. Indoor Plants

Simple household plants can do wonders for your home. Air plants are especially good for homes, as they thrive best in filtered light. Plus, they help scrub toxins from the air! Or, you and your spouse can have fun learning about the meanings of different plants and choose one that you feel suits your personality as a couple.

4. A Grown-Up Dish Set

When you inevitably have guests over, the last thing you want is a mismatched collection of different plates, silverware, and glasses. Invest in a sturdy set of dishes that can withstand normal wear and are practical for any occasion. In general, white dishes are a solid choice, because they can be easily customized for any occasion with napkins, placemats, and other accessories.

5. An Advanced DVR

An advanced DVR can save you some headaches. Rather than juggling storage space and arguing over who deleted whose shows, upgrade to a DVR that can handle your recording needs. You’ll avoid some arguments, and you’ll be surprised that you can find deals to fit a newlywed budget.

6. A High-Quality Mattress

A good mattress is an absolute must. Take the time to research your options and figure out what will work best for you and your spouse. Get something that gives you the right amount of support and will hold up over time. And while good mattresses are expensive, remember that it’s something that you’ll be using for six or more hours every night for years to come.

7. Practical Knives

Good knives don’t only make food preparation easier— they’re also safer. You may also want to consider getting a blade sharpener. That way, you can keep your blades from getting dull without having to pay someone to sharpen them for you.

8. Art

You may love that poster you’ve hung in your bedroom since you were 14 or that portrait of Genghis Khan you picked up while traveling, but your partner may not. When building a home as a couple, you may want to consider ditching some of the art from your single days in favor of décor items that express your artistic taste as a couple.

9. A Tool Kit

Whether you’re renting or you own your home, having a decent tool kit is essential when it comes to maintaining your living space. Plus, it makes things a lot easier when you assemble furniture or hang artwork.

10. A Home Security System

Now that you’re investing more in your household, it makes sense to protect it. Modern home security systems can include video surveillance, monitoring, and even home automation features like light dimmers and door locks that can be controlled remotely. There are also home security systems just for renters that can be easily moved when it’s time to transition to a different home.

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