A Few Good Interns…

Redfin and Our CEO

A Few Good Interns…

Redfin, Madrona Venture Group and eight other startups today launched a new program to recruit computer-science students to work in the Seattle area as interns this summer. The selection process is rigorous but it’s a sweet deal for the finalists: not only do you get to interview at a who’s who of Seattle startups all in one trip, but if you land a Cascadia internship you get a scholarship from the program sponsors on top of your regular pay, with all sorts of events along the way for learning how to someday start your own gig and of course for meeting other interns from around the country.

And if you could have a summer internship anywhere in the world, it should probably be in Seattle. For three short months, the place is absolutely daft with greenery, sunshine and joy. I’ll organize a picnic atop Mount Dickerman, or a sail on Lake Union. The Redfin Cycling Team will institute a no-drop policy for one morning only, just to accommodate all the wannabes who join us in the warm months. We’ll have a lot of fun.

If you know folks who should apply, send ’em here, and soon: the application deadline is March 10, but since it’s a rolling selection process, earlier is better.

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