30 Reasons to Find Your Inspector & Lender on Redfin

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30 Reasons to Find Your Inspector & Lender on Redfin

Redfin Certified Service Providers Are Rated 30% Higher Than the Competition

Earlier this year, Redfin launched Open Book, a local review site for lenders, inspectors, stagers and other service providers that work with Redfin’s home buyers and sellers. We ask every client how their service provider(s) performed, and we post every single review on the Redfin, whether the deal closed or not.


Every service provider who works with a Redfin customer is profiled in our Open Book review system.  For the providers who get outstanding reviews from Redfin customers and endorsements from Redfin agents, we go through an additional screening process to ensure they share our values. If they do, we put our badge on their profile and they join the ranks of our “Redfin Certified” service providers. It’s like if Yelp read every review, talked to the locals and sat down with the chef in order to tell their readers which 5-star rated restaurants are truly the cream of the crop. And don’t worry–they don’t pay us a dime.

Redfin Certified service providers deliver ridiculously good service
We measured Redfin’s certified service providers’ performance against the other providers in Open Book using net promoter score (NPS), a customer loyalty metric that indicates likeliness to recommend, and our Certified providers blew away the competition.

Redfin’s Certified service providers boast a net promoter score of 87% versus 57% for non-certified providers who worked with our clients. That’s 30 reasons to look for the Redfin Certified logo when you’re choosing a lender, inspector, or attorney for your transaction.

Why do Redfin’s Certified providers get higher marks from consumers than Amazon, Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Apple?

  • We certify the best of the best: Our agents work with lenders and inspectors daily; agent feedback and client reviews give us the best insider info, and the Open Book team screens every potential partner. We also know which questions to ask, so when we talk to a lender, we know to ask whether she has access to her underwriting department if she needs to get them on the phone. When we talk to an inspector, we make sure that he provides a prioritized breakdown of his findings and can quickly provide a customer with an easy-to-read PDF inspection report.
  • Certified service providers love working with Redfin: Because we send so much business to certified providers, we hold them accountable to deliver the best results for every Redfin customer they serve. We publish every review to their profiles and, like Apple, we follow up whenever a Redfin client is dissatisfied with the service they received.

No matter where you’re at in the process, if you’re looking for a professional service provider, Open Book is the first place you should go to get verified reviews from Redfin clients who actually worked with that provider.  And for an extra measure of confidence look for the Redfin Certified logo.

We currently include: lenders, inspectors, title/escrow, attorneys, stagers and handymen in our six largest markets – DC area, Seattle, Southern California, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco Bay Area with more markets and more categories coming soon.

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