Five Thousand Voices Helping You Buy or Sell

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Five Thousand Voices Helping You Buy or Sell

Redfin just reached 5,000 reviews posted by our home buyers and sellers on Open Book. That’s 5,000 times someone just hopped off the emotional rollercoaster of buying or selling a home, but took the time to help out future buyers and sellers by reviewing the lenders, inspectors, stagers and attorneys with whom she worked. On behalf of those future buyers and sellers, thanks!

We started accepting reviews of loan officers a long time ago, but last December, we expanded our program to include more than a dozen additional categories of professionals. The result was a flood of information for our customers:

Open Book reviews


Redfin publishes reviews from every client to make it easy for future clients to assemble a team of top-notch local pros. The best service providers in each market get a Redfin Certified badge Redfin Certified badge on their profile to show that they have a proven track record of great customer service, and have been personally vetted by the team at Redfin. These providers typically rate 30 points higher than other service providers used by Redfin customers.

We are proud to reach the 5,000 review milestone because it means we’re providing that much more value and service to our customers. Milestones like this are like mile markers in a marathon. They’re good because they let you know how far you’ve gone, but they’re also a not-so-subtle reminder of how much road is still in front of you. That’s the implicit challenge in milestones: It’s 5,000 today, but we’re already thinking about how we can get to 50,000.

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