Month: July 2015

home insurance vs renters insurance

Home Insurance vs Renters Insurance

On the surface, it’s easy to tell the main disparity among home and renters insurance. One policy is meant for homeowners while the other is meant for renters. However, there are many other distinctions between the two insurance types, ranging from coverage to cost.

housing market

…and Here’s the Week in Housing News

Last week, we released the first Redfin Demand Index, a new take on housing activity that could help buyers and sellers make decisions. Here in Washington, the news was all about building highways. What do traffic cones have to do with your house? Plenty. Oh, and we found the world’s priciest parking lot.

What’s the Full Cost of Home Ownership?

As you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s important to consider the full price of home ownership. Sure, you’ll need to pay the mortgage, of course, but there are many additional costs — and some of them may surprise you.

housing market

Where Will Everybody Live? New Homes Aren’t Keeping Up

While it’s rarely a good idea to put much stock in a single piece of economic data, the trend in new home sales has been disappointing for a while. Builders simply aren’t constructing enough houses accommodate population growth. It’s one factor of many contributing to the rapid rise in housing costs.

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