2017’s Hottest Neighborhoods in Greater Boston

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Boston is known for so much more than just the Red Sox and the local accent. The historic metro is the largest city in New England, with a plethora of things to do for both natives and tourists. Boston pride goes strong for anyone who calls the city home sweet home. We decided to dig into some data to find out which parts are heating up in 2017 for anyone looking to put down roots in the hottest neighborhoods in Greater Boston.

Redfin’s predictions for Greater Boston’s hottest neighborhoods are based on the most recent growth we’ve seen in pageviews and favorites on Redfin.com. We checked in with Redfin agents in the area to find out what’s been driving these trends.

1. Edgeworth (Malden)

  • Median Sale Price:  $ 431,000
  • Median Days on Market: 12.5
  • Average Sale-to-List: 106.4%

“This neighborhood is cornered by the adjacent and already-hot Medford, which has seen a lot of long-time residents sell older homes to developers, who’ve then renovated them and then sold them for increased prices. That’s now starting in Edgeworth as well and much of the rest of Malden. In Edgeworth, you’re within walking distance of both the Malden Center Orange line T-station and the Wellington Orange line T-station, which makes commuting downtown very do-able. And home prices, though elevated from what they were several years ago, are more affordable than Medford and the trendiest towns like Cambridge and Somerville,” said Redfin real estate agent Steve Novak.

2. Downtown Everett (Everett)

  • Median Sale Price: $650,000
  • Median Days on Market: 28
  • Median Sale-to-List: 100.5%

“Downtown Everett is well-positioned to benefit from the building of the Wynn Boston Harbor Casino along the banks of the Mystic River,” said Novak. “The town of Everett worked with the builders to make sure that the casino benefits residents. There will be a new shoreline park that’s accessible to the general public, a water taxi to various parts of Boston, subsidized Orange Line service nearby and new pedestrian and bicycle bridges across the river. The estimate is that the casino will provide 4,000 permanent new jobs to the area, while the city is using the opportunity to improve traffic flow along lower Broadway and Revere Beach Parkway. The entire area will be transformed when the casino opens in 2019, so it’s little surprising people are looking to buy homes there now.”

3. Maplewood (Malden)

  • Median Sale Price: $457,500
  • Median Days on Market: 16
  • Median Sale-to-List: 101.3%

“Maplewood is another neighborhood in suburban Malden that appeals to those who want a more affordable option compared to some of the trendier suburbs. The neighborhood is not walkable to the train, or downtown, but you can find single-family homes for under half a million dollars – which is rare in the Boston metro area. If you have car, it’s still very convenient. Route 60 goes right to Malden center and is dotted with businesses, while just a few minutes north on Route 1 and you’ll find great restaurants, bars, shops and gyms. And if you head south on Route 1, you’ll get to downtown Boston easily,” said Novak.

4. West Quincy (Quincy)

  • Median Sale Price: $450,000
  • Median Days on Market: 26
  • Median Sale-to-List: 97.8%

“West Quincy is the best of both worlds. You’re walking distance to East Milton Square which has restaurants and shops, but you’re also a quick drive to Quincy Center, which has an ongoing revitalization plan that makes it a real magnet for people looking for urban amenities. In West Quincy, you can find a single family home for under $500,000 and much of the area is served by North Quincy High School, which is rated an 8 out of 10 on GreatSchools.com. West Quincy is also offers an easy commute to the city via the Red Line or I-93. That combination of price, nearby amenities, schools and commute is hard to beat,” said Redfin real estate agent Nancy Schiff.

5. North Medford (Medford)

  • Median Sale Price: $442,250
  • Median Days on Market: 9
  • Median Sale-to-List: 101.7%

“North Medford is gaining in popularity since much of the rest of Medford has seen steep price increases. This area has a mix of multi-families and smaller homes; the smaller houses are still relatively affordable. You also have a great commute via I-93 or by driving to the Orange Line at Wellington Station. For nature lovers, Wrights Pond and The Fells Park are right there,” said Redfin real estate agent Stephen Cafferky.

6. North Woburn (Woburn)

  • Median Sale Price: $414,500
  • Median Days on Market: 20
  • Median Sale-to-List: 96.2%

“North Woburn offers easy transportation downtown since it sits at the intersection of I-93 and I-95,” said Redfin real estate agent Aditi Jain. “With many companies coming to the Boston area, particularly downtown Boston, that’s important for commuters. The area’s becoming increasingly popular as closer-in communities, like Somerville and Cambridge, are too expensive for many buyers. So in many ways, Woburn is a spillover community with the added benefit of some of the lowest property taxes in the state.”

7. Allston (Boston)

  • Median Sale Price: $714,000
  • Median Days on Market: 15
  • Average Sale-to-List: 101%

“Allston, part of the Allston/Brighton area, is where many college students end up living for at least a period of time. Parents of students are a key factor since they want to avoid paying room and board and benefit from their kids’ roommates paying them rent. A lot of them want to buy now. Almost all of the homes for sale there are condo units or multiunit buildings and the rent in Boston has become high enough that this is really an attractive option. And, of course, the market is also hot for investors and cash buyers who want to do the same, and are bumping up the competition in the market,” said Redfin real estate agent Katie Gustafson.

8. West Newton (Newton)

  • Median Sale Price: $862,500
  • Median Days on Market: 22
  • Median Sale-to-List: 98.4%

“West Newton, which is a village in the city of Newton, is booming because of land prices in the surrounding areas,” said Schiff. “In most of Newton, the price of land is so high that developers won’t buy and flip. In West Newton, though, you have smaller lots so if a developer buys a teardown it can be rebuilt into a townhome or condo for what qualifies as reasonable pricing in the area. For example, a single family home bought at around $500,000 to $800,000 can be demolished and turned into a duplex, where each half sells for around $1 million. For buyers who want new construction in Newton, that’s a deal – and we’re now seeing a lot of these come on the market.”

9. South Side (Waltham)

  • Median Sale Price: $485,000
  • Median Days on Market: 8
  • Median Sale-to-List: 102.7%

“The South Side neighborhood, and Waltham in general, has undergone a renaissance over the past five years or so. It used to be a factory town but it now has a bit of a hip vibe,” said Redfin agent Dan Sharry. “Moody Street is known for its restaurants that go right through South Side. Waltham as a whole has two universities, Bentley and Brandeis, to give the town energy. It’s also well situated for those who work in the booming tech industry along the I-95 corridor, so you have lots of professionals who are looking at the newer condos and duplexes that are going up, as well as first-time buyers who want a single-family home. The adjacent town Weston is far more expensive, in part because of its highly rated schools. Buyers who want similar proximity at a far lower price are finding Waltham to be an excellent value for their first home.”

10. Austin Square (Lynn)

  • Median Sale Price: $289,500
  • Median Days on Market: 13
  • Median Sale-to-List: 104.1%

“The Austin Square area in Lynn is an attractive option for people who want a larger lot size than you can get closer to downtown Lynn – and larger than you could get in Boston. It’s also affordable, with low property taxes and single-family homes starting in the $400,000s. Austin Square is very close to the popular new shopping development called Marketstreet-Lynnfield, which is an easy five-mile drive down Walnut Street. Also, Route 1 has more shopping options, as well as a way to get to downtown Boston. For those who want to commute via rail, downtown Lynn has a station on Newburyport/Rockport line,” said Redfin agent Travis Speck.

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