8 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Generally speaking, bathrooms are small spaces — but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of their size with smart decorating! The truth is, even in the smallest powder room, there are steps you can take to expand a bathroom’s feel. From thinking carefully about color to finding furniture that’s smaller in size, you have lots of options for expanding your room’s sense of space. With that in mind, here’s a look at some key ways to give your bathroom a bigger appearance:

1. Let in Light

If you’re in a position to determine the size of the windows for your bathroom, go big. The more natural light in a room, the more spacious its layout will feel. Yet even when you can’t do anything about a no-window basement bath, however, you can let in light with smart strategy. Add sconces to either side of the window, and put them at eye level. Likewise, take advantage of opportunities to brighten the room with a cool ceiling fixture, for example. Brighter is usually better, at least in the bathroom.

2. Use a Frameless Shower Door

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In keeping with the idea of letting in more light, opt for a frameless, glass shower door. Because this creates a clear line of sight to the shower walls, it expands what you see when you walk in the bath, making the room feel larger than a compartmentalized area.

3. Go Monochrome

Rather than painting the walls a different color from the tile (which is different from the hues on the shower curtain), make your small bathroom feel bigger with a monochrome palette. Whether you go with white on white or tone on tone, use the same shade in different ways through the room to build a sense of harmony and space.

4. Maximize Mirrors

Stylish washroom with big black and white bathtub

Because they reflect light, mirrors are another great way to expand a room’s size. Find a mirror you love the shape and size of, and use it to create a focal point. Just remember to mount the mirror strategically, so it doesn’t reflect less attractive parts of the room — like the toilet.

5. Seek Smaller Fixtures

A double vanity is great, but only in a space that fits it — and the same rule applies to whatever you pick for your bathroom space. Apply this principle to your hunt for fixtures as you shop for new features for your bathroom. Look for pedestal sinks, smaller furniture and appliances that take less overall square footage in your space.

6. Float Furniture

When you opt for a vanity that gets mounted to the wall instead of set on the ground, you create the illusion of more space in the bathroom. Your floating furniture opens floor space and may make the room appear larger.

7. Go Big With Tile

Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Rather than covering the wall with subway tiles and the abundant grout lines that would accompany them, go with larger tiles that can create an overall larger, less divided look.

8. De-clutter

This tip is less about bathroom design and more about daily habits, but consider cutting clutter in your bathroom with vigilance. Rather than keep all your toiletries out on the vanity from day to day, for example, keep out only one or two essentials. Clear surfaces, organize cabinets and only have what you truly need in the space. Less clutter can go a long way toward making your bathroom seem bigger.

When you’ve got a small bathroom that you want to make the most of, think about the eight tips above! By using everything from paint color to tile size in a way that expands the room’s sense of space, you can improve the overall look and feel of your room.

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