9 Ways to Renovate Your Home in a Day With Art

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Whether you’re trying to clear the clutter in your home, keep your house cleaner or simply make your rooms more beautiful this year—start with art. Take a look at some clever ways to use original art, photography and art prints for simple, budget-friendly renovations that will enhance your everyday life.

1. No Headboard? No Problem…

01 SF girl
Image via Victoria Smith, SF Girl by Bay

Hanging a tranquil abstract painting or some oversized art photography above your bed creates a beautiful focal point for your space and can instantly make your bedroom feel more complete.

2. A Clever Way to Disguise Your Wall-mounted TV

02 Hometalk
Image via Hometalk
03 HOmetalk
Image via Hometalk

Hide it behind a pair of paintings or framed art prints, and instantly shift the focus in your living room.

3. When It’s Time for an Ikea Upgrade, but You’re Not Ready to Kick Billy to the Curb

Add some patterned wallpaper or high quality gift-wrap to the back of your bookcase to create an eye-catching display case for small artwork and books. To learn more about how to make fabric and paper-backed cabinets, check out these tips at Pretty Handy Girl.

04 Hometalk
Image via Hometalk

Upcycle worn shelving with fabric or paper covered backing and create an engaging display case for your favorite artwork.

05 Ikea
Image: Ikea Taastrup Instagram

Even better, create your own original artwork by updating wood cabinets with an abstract design. We love this Ikea hack from @ikeataastrup using their IVAR cabinets.

4. Grab Some Clear Fishing Line and Make a Mobile Art Installation

06 Martha Stewart
Image via Martha Stewart

If you’re looking for a way to organize your small photographs and Polaroid instants, and your place has sky-high ceilings, look up for creative inspiration.

5. Install Fresh Cabinets With Frames on the Front

07 Men Lade
Image via 4 men 1 lady

Escape visual clutter and easily update an outdated bathroom with this simple upgrade. Concealed cabinets can help keep things extra organized and offer a new space for displaying your art prints or small drawings.

6. …Or Use Oversize Artwork to Hide Unsightly Electronics

08 Apartment Therapy
Image via Mamamekko/Apartment Therapy

Put a large, graphic panel to work to disguise awkward items like wireless routers and power strips. Instead of a bundle of cable and blinking modems on the floor, this hack from Mamamekko tucks everything away in a tidy, art-covered wood cabinet.

7. Turn Your Tech Tangle Into Your Own Original Wall Art

09 Homedit
Image via Found on Homedit

Finally, a solution for that cord jungle growing under your desk or behind your couch! You can shape long light cords into your favorite city skyline or a interesting pattern and minimize clutter and dust in the process.

8. Hang a Large Modern Painting on Sliders to Create a Functional, Stunning Statement Door

10 Eclectically Vintage
Contemporary ArtDoors via Eclectically Vintage

This is THE solution if you’ve been searching for creative ways to divide an open space into rooms. With careful installation, a contemporary painting can make a striking sliding door. This art door is by Sargam Griffin at Contemporary ArtDoors.

9. Create Your Own Art-inspired Backsplash Using Prints, Paintings or Photos Protected by Clear Plexiglas

11 Sarah Richardson
Image via Sarah Richardson Design

Reward your kitchen for all its hard work this year. Having the chance to gaze at amazing artwork turns doing the dishes into a treat… cleaner kitchen walls are just an added bonus!

Ready to tackle your next reno project? Saatchi Art’s Artists of the Week Collection is a great place to discover eye-catching original artwork that’s sure to revamp your home for 2016.

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Katherine Henning is the Associate Curator and Art Advisor at Saatchi Art. She was formerly the Assistant Curator at Saatchi Art. She received her MA in History of Art and the Art Market: Modern and Contemporary Art from Christie’s Education, New York, and her BA in English Literature (Creative Writing) from University of Southern California. Some of her favorite art historical movements are Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and Fauvism. She includes in her list of favorite contemporary artists Yayoi Kusama, Richard Serra, James Turrell, and Kehinde Wiley.

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