Glenn Kelman

Glenn Kelman

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn is the CEO of Redfin. Prior to joining Redfin, he was a co-founder of Plumtree Software, a Sequoia-backed, publicly-traded company that created the enterprise portal software market. Glenn was raised in Seattle and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

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What Price, Beauty?

Well, look at that! The Redfin design team made our site red! This morning we launched a site completely redesigned to be more spacious and lively. Last December, we re-designed the Redfin property pages so pictures are 35% bigger, and pages load 31% faster. That effort got into the guts of the page, organizing details …

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Wild, Wild Horses

Silicon Valley has always showered so much money on the deserving and undeserving that it would be hard for any one of us to say which group we ourselves belonged to. But one crucial difference between this boom and the last is that the folks in the last boom had to ship or starve. Today, not shipping pays pretty well.

Why Home Prices Are Rising. And Some Gorgeous, Weird Listing Photos

Here is Redfin’s monthly email newsletter, with a little about Redfin and a lot about what’s happening in the real estate market. Howdy Redfin Fans! Welcome to our action-packed newsletter on the U.S. Housing Market. First, what’s new at Redfin? Redfin Expands to Charlotte, Publishes Details on Bidding Wars For starters, Redfin just expanded to …

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Redfin Comes to North Carolina

Hooray! Redfin just expanded to Charlotte and The Triangle in North Carolina. To get to know everyone, we’re hosting a party Wednesday, March 6 at The Architect in Raleigh and Thursday, March 7 at Byron’s South End in Charlotte. If you’d like to talk to a Redfinnian about where the North Carolina market’s headed, or …

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