PhotOh-No: Listing Photos Gone Wrong

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PhotOh-No: Listing Photos Gone Wrong

We all know how important a profile picture is on; it could mean the difference between getting a date or getting rejected. According to a recent study from Redfin, it’s not much different when it comes to online photos of homes for sale.

Redfin has found that professional quality photos are very important when selling your home. A good, professional, DSLR photo can generate more interest in your home, help you sell faster, and most importantly, add thousands of dollars to your final sale price. So, after looking at our latest study, it’s clear what the good photographs look like, but what about the bad? Although these are not actual listing photos, here’s what can go wrong if you don’t have a professional DSLR photograph your home.

Indecent Exposure

indecent-exposure Lighting and exposure are critical pieces of a good home photograph. A picture taken at the wrong time of day, with poor lighting or the wrong exposure on the camera can lead to an under-exposed or over-exposed picture, leaving home shoppers in the dark.


What’s Wrong With this Picture: Everything

everythings-wrong-with-this-picture It pays to take the time to evaluate the best angles for a photo. If photograph shoot is rushed, a photographer can miss key selling points of the home, or confuse viewers. The first problem with this photo is that it doesn’t focus on the right home. It’s clearly shot from a mobile phone, possibly from within a car, and features all the wrong things, including a lot of concrete, a washed out sky, blurriness on the top half of the photo, a poorly landscaped yard, and of course the meme-inducing vertical orientation.


Just Need to Vent

just-need-to-vent This photo doesn’t appear to have a purpose other than to show a heater behind a scratched up door. It’s narrow angle doesn’t give viewers any idea of the size of the room.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

wheres-the-kitchen-sink Most home shoppers want to see what the entire room looks like, not a small corner. This photo shows a poorly lit dining room and living room with all of the family’s belongings. It’s got everything but the kitchen sink, although we can see the light on in the kitchen. The TV is on, leaving a bright glare that distracts from the rest of the room.


Unfinished Business

unfinished-business It’s important to fix up your home before you try to sell it, however, unfocused, poorly shot pictures of the process are best left off of the listing.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

mirror-mirror-on-the-wall Got a mirror? Do your best to get out of the shot. You may look great, but these photos are really all about the house.


If you’re looking for more about good, professional photography and how much your for sale home will benefit, check out our latest study.

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