Bike Score Expands to 25 U.S. Cities

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By popular vote, we now have Bike Score in 25 U.S. cities and 11 Canadian cities—for any address. How bikeable is your office? School? Home? Hotel? If you live, work or play in any of these US cities, you can now find a Bike Score for anywhere inside the city limits.

America doubled the number of protected bicycle lanes “green lanes” in 2012 and is projected to double the number of green lanes again in 2013. Danes and Dutch might smirk at the US cycling infrastructure. But it’s notable for a country built for cars, not walkability.

Thousands of cyclists voted for more than 300 cities during National Bike Month 2012. The top 10 voted on cities (for which we could obtain bike data) plus 5 additional cities are now scored. The 15 cities below, combined with the top 10 Bike Score ranked US cities, expands Bike Score to any address within 25 cities.

#1 voted for city Cincinnati = Bike Score 37
#2 voted for city Austin = Bike Score 45
#3 voted for city Pittsburgh = Bike Score 39
#4 voted for city Philadelphia = Bike Score 68
#5 voted for city Miami = Bike Score 57
#6 voted for city Oakland = Bike Score 57
#7 voted for city Houston = Bike Score 49
#8 voted for city Los Angeles = Bike Score 54
#9 voted for city Eugene = Bike Score 75
#10 voted for city San Diego = Bike Score 48

5 additional voted on cities also now have a Bike Score including Ann Arbor =Bike Score 76, Boulder = Bike Score 86, Fort Collins = Bike Score 78, Tempe = Bike Score 75 and Tyler = Bike Score 38. Thanks to all who voted.

Bike Score for Any Address

What’s the Bike Score of your home, office, school, or apartment? Find the Bike Score of any address in the 15 new cities and top 10 Bike Score cities. Type any address in the “Get a Walk Score” field above to find its Bike Score. See Bike Score range details from 0 to 100.

For fun, here is the Bike Score for top schools, employers and attractions in several cities:

Washington, DC’s US Capitol = Bike Score 89 (see visual below)
Eugene’s University of Oregon campus = Bike Score 96
Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell = Bike Score 96
San Francisco’s Gap Inc headquarters = Bike Score 86
Seattle’s headquarters = Bike Score 85
Austin’s University of Texas campus = Bike Score 75
Chicago’s Groupon = Bike Score 65
San Diego Zoo = Bike Score 61
New York City’s NBC headquarters = Bike Score 58
Los Angeles’ UCLA = Bike Score 55

Bonus: Walk Score Now Has Bike Shares

We have also mapped nearly 1,600 locations of bike shares across North America. Search for any address in these cities and find bike share locations listed as one of the main categories: Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Houston, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Broward, Charlotte, Des Moines, Kailua, Kansas City, Madison, Nashville, Omaha, San Antonio and Spartanburg. Best ways to use bike shares.

Resolve to Bike More in 2013

Make a New Year’s resolution to bike more in 2013. Here are a few good reasons why:

  1. Riding reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.
  2. Cycling has been shown to help with weight loss.
  3. Bicycling has grown over the past 20 years in the US. The number of bike commuters rose by 64% from 1990 to 2009.

Bike Score Details

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