Denver vs. Seattle: A Super Bowl City Showdown

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Metric Denver
612,916 Population* 604,356
$63,470 Median household income $49,091
58% Bachelors degree or higher* 45%
47% Homeownership rate* 50%
$403,402 Sale price of homes sold, 2013 $260,547
1,622 Square footage of homes sold, 2013 1,671
5,500 Lot size of homes sold, 2013 6,250
63% % of homes sold in 2013 with a view 14%
194 # of homes for sale near football stadium 299
$537,000 List price of homes for sale near stadium $489,000

*According to the latest U.S. Census data available at

It’s decided. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are headed to the Super Bowl. And as the only two states to have legalized marijuana, the “super bong bowl” jokes are already starting. But that’s not the only thing these two cities have in common. To get an understanding of what it’s like to live in each city, Redfin crunched the numbers to see how alike in dignity (and real estate) these two foes really are. We also looked at homes for sale in each city that the quarterbacks, rookies, and super fans could afford.

What are the fans like? Healthy, wealthy and wise.

Seattle Skyline with Mt Rainier
Seattle and Denver are located near mountain ranges with plenty of outdoor activities to keep residents fit.

Outside of the stadium, Denver fans and Seattle fans would probably get along. According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s most recent American Fitness Index, Seattle is the #8 most “fit and healthy” city, while Denver ranks #9. Both cities are located near mountain ranges that offer a host of outdoor activities, which helps to keep each city fit.

Denver and Seattle also have a healthy economy, with numerous technology companies headquartered in the region. However, Seattleites bring home more income. According to the latest Census data, the median household income in Seattle is $63,470, vs. $49,091 in Denver. And all those high-tech jobs require a college education; in Seattle, 58% of people over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and in Denver 45% of people do.

How do they live? In 1,600 square feet.

Denver Home for Sale
At 1,900 sq. ft., this home for sale in Denver is slightly larger than the median. It’s a few blocks from the stadium and is listed for $449,900 by Redfin agent Paul Stone.

Around half the people in Denver and Seattle own a home (50.4% vs. 47.3% respectively). And it’s a good thing people in Seattle have a higher income, because Seattleites pay a lot more than those in the mile high city. According to Redfin data, the median sale price of homes sold in 2013 was $403,402 for Seattle and $260,547 for Denver.

What do they get for that price? The homes in each city are about the same size, with a median square footage of around 1,600. However, people in Denver have bigger yards, with a median lot size of 6,250 square feet vs. Seattle’s 5,500. What Seattle homes lack in yard space they make up for in views. According to data that Redfin pulled from the multiple listing service, 63% of Seattle homes sold in 2013 mentioned a view in the listing description, vs. 14% of Denver homes.

Where could their quarterbacks, rookies and super fans live?

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning House 1
Peyton Manning purchased this Colorado home for $4.575 million after signing on with the Broncos.

According to Spotrac, the Bronco’s Peyton Manning earns $19.2 million annually, when you take into account his salary and signing bonuses. After joining the Broncos, he purchased this beautiful home in Cherry Hills Village for $4.575 million. The estate spans more than 16,400 square feet, with seven bedrooms and 7.5 baths. It features a gun room/safe house, billiard room with full bar, home theater, an AMX home computer system, and an elevator to all three levels. If he’s looking to upgrade after this year’s Super Bowl, we suggest the home at 4603 S Denice Dr, which is currently on the market for $9.5 million. It spans 21,000 square feet and has all the amenities of his current home, plus a giant pool and spa.

Russell Wilson

The Seahawks’ Russell Wilson earns just $749,176 annually, but we’re guessing this quarterback phenom will get a huge raise in his next contract and might be looking to trade up into bigger digs in the near future. If he wants to stay close to the stadium, he could purchase this modern home only two miles away for $789,000. If he wants to move near the Seattle Children’s Hospital where he volunteers, there’s this home in Laurelhurst for $1.399 million.

Rookies Montee Ball and Luke Willson

Montee Ball, the rookie running back for the Broncos, brings home $866,082 annually, which is more than Russell Wilson. With that kind of income, Ball could purchase this beautiful three-bedroom home in Lone Tree, CO, for $870,550. On the Seahawks side, rookie tight end Luke Willson makes $584,633 annually. For that kind of money, we suggest a unit in the brand new Solo Lofts building, close to Ballard nightlife.

Richard Sherman

Auburn Home for Sale
If Richard Sherman is looking to upgrade after the Super Bowl, Redfin suggests this home on 10 wooded acres. It’s listed for $1.1 million by Redfin agent Lori Bakken.

We couldn’t do a Super Bowl report without mentioning one of the most talked about players this year, Richard Sherman. The cornerback blew up Twitter after taunting 49ers players in a post game interview at the end of the NFC Championship. According to the July 2013 issue of Sports Illustrated, Sherman lives in the suburbs of Seattle, near a forested area that attracts deer and other wildlife. He makes an average of $555,606 annually, but that’s surely going to increase after this tremendous year. When he’s ready to upgrade, we suggest the estate at 20515 SE 388th St, listed for $1.1 million. The 7,200 square foot home is surrounded by 10 forested acres, and offers plenty of space for entertaining friends after the Super Bowl.

For the Fans

Super fans who want to live within two miles of the stadium have plenty of options in both cities. There are 299 homes for sale near the Mile High Stadium, with a median list price of $489,000. We suggest the home at 3319 W. 20th Ave, just four blocks from the stadium, with an asking price of $449,900. There are 194 homes for sale near CenturyLink Field, with a median list price of $537,000. We suggest the renovated condo at 1119 1st Ave, #301, which is on the market for $245,000 and just a short walk to the stadium.

Our real estate agents in Denver and Seattle will be watching closely on Super Bowl Sunday. With the Broncos’ number one offense against the Seahawks’ number one defense, it’s going to be a great game! Who are you rooting for?

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