Where the Game of Thrones Families Would Go House Hunting in 5 Cities

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Where the Game of Thrones Families Would Go House Hunting in 5 Cities

The season premiere of Game of Thrones is upon us and winter is STILL coming! To get ready for the premiere on April 12, we decided to take a look at the neighborhoods and surrounding areas in five U.S. cities where your favorite — and least favorite — families might feel at home.

Chicago, Illinois


  • The Arryns: While tall mountains might be a tall order in Chicagoland, Bartlett has some legitimate ski slopes. The neighborhood will make the Arryns feel more at home than other areas of Chicago, which is mostly pancake flat.
  • The Baratheons: Stannis Baratheon doesn’t need a lot of flash, so he’d love the unpretentious Edgewater, which — as its name implies — is right along the water of Lake Michigan.
  • The Freys: They may not feel at home just anywhere in the South Loop, but they would definitely be comfortable in Bertrand Goldberg’s River City.
  • The Greyjoys: Known as sailors, the Greyjoys would be right at home in Fort Sheridan, the decommissioned military base along Lake Michigan, which currently has a Captain’s mansion for sale. How convenient!
  • The Lannisters: A Gilded Age mansion on the Gold Coast would be the perfect fit for the Lannisters’ lifestyle. Homes with four or more bedrooms are generally listed at a touch over $3 million, but that’s not a problem for the ruling class.
  • The Martells: While it may not be a desert, Kenilworth will likely make the Martells feel right at home, with its beautiful homes and gorgeous landscaping.
  • The Starks: Full of trees and situated between Lake County Forest Preserve and Cook County Forest Preserve, the Riverwoods would make the Starks feel quite comfortable, minus the wildlings.
  • The Targaryens: Daenerys once lived with a horse tribe, which is easy to do in Barrington Hills, an ideal location for plotting to take back the throne. It’s remote enough for safety, yet within striking distance of the heart of power.
  • The Tyrells: The Tyrells would enjoy Glencoe, home of the Chicago Botanic Garden, with the Krasberg Rose Garden and its 5,000 roses.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles

  • The Arryns: Given Lysa Arryn’s profound connection with the majesty and seclusion provided by the rugged and craggy mountainsides, she would retreat to the outer limits of the Inland Empire and seclude herself from L.A. in Big Bear Valley.
  • The Baratheons: Stannis Baratheon, the brother of now-dethroned King Robert Baratheon, needs a humble, seaside home to plot his eventual ascension to the throne. Stannis will likely set up shop in one of the few remaining areas along the Pacific Coast, such as Redondo Beach, where a home can be had for under a million dollars.
  • The Freys: Regardless of their ongoing power struggle, the Freys would not have much luck settling near a river in Southern California’s drought-blighted desert. However, if they have their hearts set on living near running water, they couldn’t do better than L.A.’s Atwater Village, named for its close proximity to the L.A. River, which is currently undergoing significant municipal improvements; now may be the opportune time for a land grab.
  • The Greyjoys: In order to hold total dominion over L.A.’s coastline and wield ultimate control over its vast commercial enterprise, the Greyjoys would lay claim to the humble abodes of San Pedro,with strongholds near the port of Los Angeles in there and just across the channel in Long Beach.
  • The Lannisters: The current (“current” being the operative term) royal family and unabashed plutocrats of Westeros would undoubtedly rule over L.A.’s Platinum Triangle: Bel Air, Holmby Hills and the finest niches of Beverly Hills.The Lannisters would likely claim the historic Greystone Mansion as their royal abode – perfect for surveying all the land with its 360-degree views of the L.A. basin, the Valley and the coast.
  • The Martells: With their unique customs and strong sense of independent identity, the Martells would likely live in the heart of the Inland Empire’s harsh suburban desert.
  • The Starks: With their penchant for living under dense forest canopy, cloistered against the mortal threats of their many enemies, Eddard and Catelyn would surely live among the tree-hugging set of Topanga Canyon. Unfortunately for them, they may have to brave the Valley from time to time to gather supplies!
  • The Targaryens: As the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Dragons” and consummate desert dweller, Daenerys Targaryen would almost certainly be the dominant denizen of the Coachella Valley and its ethereal environs. Surrounded by the sophisticated luxury of Palm Springs and the mystical boulder piles of Joshua Tree, it’s easy to envision Daenerys astride her most trusted steed, shaking off the rattlesnakes with a shrug (or feeding them to her dragons).
  • The Tyrells: While perchance even too urban for the Tyrells, considering their comfort zone is among the verdant sprawl of “The Reach,” they would likely find the solace they desire deep in the San Gabriel Valley. Without question, Lady Olenna Tyrell and granddaughter Margaery would lay claim to the lush gardens and opulent manors of the Huntington Library, located in the middle of San Marino.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco

  • The Arryns: Up in Twin Peaks, the Arryns could make a living space out of Sutro Tower. It’s tall enough for them to fling their enemies to their doom.
  • The Baratheons: If he had lived to see it, Robert Baratheon could eat and drink while on the cliffs of Half Moon Bay, taking in the legendary Mavericks Surf Competition. It’s still a small town, though, and not nearly as posh or demanding as San Francisco.
  • The Freys: Situated where the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers meet, salty old Walder Frey would feel comfortable enough in Antioch to preside over his brood and mistreat his guests without distraction.
  • The Greyjoys: The Greyjoys would feel at home on the chilly, windy place known for its gloomy prison: Alcatraz Island. Strategically located, it would be easy to stage raids into San Francisco or Oakland from here.
  • The Lannisters: Woodside is already home to its own surly, obscenely wealthy and unforgiving character: Larry Ellison even bears a physical resemblance to Tywin Lannister.
  • The Martells: A good place for Oberyn to drink his fill of highly regarded wine, Livermore also has a Mediterranean climate the Martells would find appealing.
  • The Starks: Sadly for the Starks and ski bums, a snowy winter hasn’t shown up in four years in the area of Lake Tahoe, but they all keep the faith that winter is coming. This area would be the family’s best bet for any type of winter weather.
  • The Targaryens: With sandy stretches and horse farms nearby, Daenerys Targaryen would feel at home in the area of Pacifica. It’s also secluded enough for her to build her army without being watched.
  • The Tyrells: Palo Alto would be perfect for the Tyrells. It’s full of the rich, fancy and influential.

Seattle, Washington


  • The Arryns: The Arryns would feel right at home in the mountains and valleys of Concrete, Washington. We could picture The Eyrie at the top of the North Cascades, and it kind of looks like it’s made of concrete. We’re just not sure if Concrete homes come with a hole that people can fly through.
  • The Baratheons: Stannis Baratheon would rule over Stanwood, where he would enjoy a simple life of catching clams and sitting by a bonfire in his backyard.
  • The Freys: The Freys would rule over Auburn, where Walder Frey and his hundreds of offspring would be protected by the Green River. With all of the enemies they are making these days, the Freys will need the extra protection!
  • The Greyjoys: Balon would definitely go for Bainbridge Island, where he could keep watch over the waters or set sail for battle at any moment.
  • The Lannisters: Cersei and crew would love the mansions in Medina, where they could brush shoulders with Bill Gates and other Seattle socialites. Estates there don’t come cheap; the median home price is $1.86 million. But we’re sure the Lannisters won’t have a problem footing that kind of coin for a home.
  • The Martells: With Oberyn’s love for wine, the family would settle in Woodinville’s wine country and call one of the city’s many vineyards home.
  • The Starks: The Starks would live in Bellingham where they could closely monitor The Wall, also known as the Canadian border.
  • The Tyrells: The Tyrells would live up in Tulalip in a mansion with beautiful flowers and gardens.
  • The Targaryens: Power-obsessed Daenerys Targaryen would settle in Sedro-Woolley, where she can have her pick of a castle nestled on several acres of land with plenty of room for horses – and dragons.

Washington, D.C.


  • The Arryns: Lysa Arryn would choose to live in Silver Spring, because the enchanting name would remind her of The Vale. Silver Spring has more going on than The Vale, but the trek into the city is definitely a journey.
  • The Baratheons: Stannis Baratheon would buy the most affordable condo in Penn Quarter. He wouldn’t care much for the views of the National Mall, but he’d love the strategic location. He can invade just about any neighborhood in D.C. without transferring metro lines!
  • The Freys: Since the Greyjoys already took Old Town, Walder Frey would have to settle for Navy Yard for its access to the water. He would definitely complain about the rising home prices and the growing interest from prospective buyers.
  • The Greyjoys: This crew would definitely pick Old Town Alexandria as their choice neighborhood. The waterfront has a nice view and grants them easy access to the Potomac River. They’ll have to get used to the high mooring fees in such a desirable area.
  • The Lannisters: Cersei would demand a stately home on the tree-lined streets of Cleveland Park. With all the Lannisters’ money, she could afford to buy all of Connecticut Avenue!
  • The Martells: The Martells, who take pleasure in going against the grain, would be at home among the hipsters in Shaw. They would enjoy being in the heart of the city with endless amenities right outside their door.
  • The Starks: The Stark family, when they were all still alive, would enjoy the amenities of Hyattsville, Maryland, just north of D.C., with easy transportation into the city for when Ned needs to travel for work. They could afford a home large enough for all the Stark children, legitimate and otherwise.
  • The Targaryens: As much as Daenerys likes to be on the move, she’d have to settle down in a McMansion in McLean, because, come on, where else are you going to house three dragons? She’ll pay out the ears for fire insurance on a home that big!
  • The Tyrells: The vineyards and larger lots of Leesburg, Virginia, would attract the Tyrells. They could have a home with a large yard and plenty of room for their lush gardens.

Do you have a U.S. city in mind that would be perfect for the families of Game of Thrones?  Let us know in the comments below, or shout it out to us on Twitter @RedfinWatch Game of Thrones online or in your living room all spring long.

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