Home Sales Little Changed in September

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Home prices up 5% annually, the biggest increase in over a year.

U.S. home-sale prices increased 4.6 percent year over year in September to a median of $308,800 across the 217 metros Redfin tracks. This is the largest year-over-year increase since July 2018.

“The demand-driving effect of low mortgage rates is being cancelled out by jitters about the overall health of the economy and mounting affordability pressures in places where people are used to homes being relatively affordable,” said Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather. “Still, sales have been just strong enough in recent months to take a bite into the inventory that had been piling up earlier this year. While prices are rising, the market doesn’t feel ‘hot,’ but it’s likely to heat up in 2020 if the economy stays on course.”

The strong nationwide home-price increase was driven by relatively affordable markets. The 10 metro areas with the biggest gains all had median sale prices below the national median, led by Knoxville, TN (median price $218,000, up 16.0%), Dayton, OH ($154,450, +13.3%) and Detroit, MI ($145,000, +11.6%).

Just six of the 85 largest metro areas Redfin tracks saw a year-over-year decline in their median sale price. All six were expensive West Coast markets. In San Francisco, CA home prices fell 4.6 percent from a year earlier. San Jose, CA (-2.6%), Seattle, WA (-1.2%), Anaheim, CA (-1.0%), San Diego, CA (-0.9%) and Oxnard, CA (-0.8%) rounded out the list of metro areas with price drops.

Home Prices Increased 5 Percent Year Over Year in September

Market SummarySeptember 2019Month-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Median sale price$308,800-1.5%4.6%
Homes sold, seasonally-adjusted267,300-0.5%1.3%
New listings, seasonally-adjusted315,500-0.1%-3.6%
All Homes for sale842,800-2.0%-7.7%
Median days on market4222
Months of supply3.10.4-0.5
Sold above list21.9%-1.3 pts-0.8 pts
Median Off-Market Redfin Estimate$315,9004.0%6.2%
Average Sale-to-list97.8%-0.4 pts-0.2 pts

† – “pts” = percentage point change

Home sales edged up 1.3 percent year over year in September, the second consecutive month of increases, but were down half a percent from August on a seasonally-adjusted basis. The latest small move in sales on both a month-over-month and year-over-year basis suggests that there’s no big surge in homebuyer demand to thank or blame for the strengthening home price gains. Rather, it was a modest increase in demand in conjunction with a large supply decline compared to a year ago that caused price growth to accelerate. Note: August sales were revised downward from last month’s market report.

The metro areas with the largest year-over-year increases in home sales were Anaheim, CA (+22.0%), Bakersfield, CA (+18.8%) and Tulsa, OK (+18.1%). Some metro areas like these are currently seeing large jumps in year-over-year sales due in part to how weak the market was in September 2018. Expensive West Coast markets that saw big drops a year ago, such as San Diego, CA (+16.0%), Los Angeles, CA (+11.1%) and Seattle, WA (+8.3%) are also seeing larger sales increases than the national level. The Bay Area is still weak, however, with San Francisco, CA (-2.2%) and San Jose, CA (-1.9%) continuing to see sales decline.

Home Sales Edged Up Year Over Year in September

The supply of homes for sale fell 7.7 percent year over year, the biggest decline since January 2018 and the third month in a row of declines. Just 18 of the 85 largest metros tracked by Redfin posted a year-over-year increase in inventory. A continued shortage of new listings while sales hold steady is behind this decline. Seasonally-adjusted new listings were virtually flat from August, but fell 3.6 percent from a year earlier in September, the fourth consecutive month of declines.

The biggest declines in the number of homes for sale were in Salt Lake City, UT (-47.0%), Tulsa, OK (-38.9%) and Baton Rouge, LA (-32.5%)—all relatively affordable metros.

Home Supply Fell 8 Percent Year Over Year in September

Although inventory is way down and price increases are gaining steam, homes are taking longer to sell and are less likely to sell for more than list price compared to a year ago when the market was beginning to cool.

The typical home that sold in September went under contract in 42 days, up from 40 in September 2018. The share of homes sold above list price fell to 21.9 percent in September from 22.7 percent a year earlier. Also, 27.8 percent of homes listed for sale had a price drop in September, up from 26.4 percent in September 2018.

Days on Market Rose to 42 Days in September, Up 2 Days Year Over Year

Share of Homes Sold Above List Price Fell Slightly Year Over Year in September

Other September Highlights


Predicted Buyer Discounts

Below are market-by-market breakdowns for prices, inventory, new listings and sales for markets with populations of 750 thousand or more. For downloadable data on all of the markets Redfin tracks, visit the Redfin Data Center.

Median Sale Price

Redfin MetroMedian Sale PriceMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY$218,0000.9%3.8%
Allentown, PA$207,900-5.2%5.6%
Anaheim, CA$719,0002.0%-1.0%
Atlanta, GA$248,0000.1%4.6%
Austin, TX$322,0000.6%7.3%
Bakersfield, CA$248,0001.2%5.5%
Baltimore, MD$294,4001.5%7.1%
Baton Rouge, LA$213,0001.9%2.9%
Birmingham, AL$209,900-4.2%6.7%
Boston, MA$490,000-4.9%4.3%
Bridgeport, CT$380,000-8.2%0.1%
Buffalo, NY$164,700-3.1%2.9%
Camden, NJ$199,000-2.9%11.2%
Charlotte, NC$260,0000.0%10.2%
Chicago, IL$245,000-3.9%2.1%
Cincinnati, OH$185,000-2.6%7.2%
Cleveland, OH$155,500-4.6%2.6%
Columbus, OH$216,000-1.8%5.9%
Dallas, TX$295,000-1.6%2.1%
Dayton, OH$154,4008.8%13.3%
Denver, CO$412,000-1.9%3.3%
Detroit, MI$145,0000.0%11.6%
El Paso, TX$166,700-0.8%7.1%
Elgin, IL$213,500-9.1%0.3%
Fort Lauderdale, FL$268,000-2.5%3.1%
Fort Worth, TX$248,000-0.8%5.5%
Frederick, MD$392,500-7.6%2.0%
Fresno, CA$286,8003.2%9.2%
Grand Rapids, MI$210,000-3.4%5.1%
Greensboro, NC$172,000-5.6%3.0%
Greenville, SC$216,400-2.7%6.4%
Hartford, CT$221,500-3.7%3.5%
Houston, TX$244,500-2.2%5.6%
Indianapolis, IN$187,500-5.1%5.9%
Jacksonville, FL$238,900-0.5%8.6%
Kansas City, MO$219,600-4.3%7.1%
Knoxville, TN$218,000-0.9%16.0%
Lake County, IL$230,000-4.4%5.7%
Las Vegas, NV$292,3001.7%4.4%
Los Angeles, CA$640,0000.6%4.1%
Louisville, KY$198,000-4.2%10.0%
McAllen, TX$156,400-1.0%8.6%
Memphis, TN$182,000-4.2%2.2%
Miami, FL$312,0002.3%7.6%
Milwaukee, WI$230,000-4.2%9.5%
Minneapolis, MN$280,000-2.1%6.5%
Montgomery County, PA$330,000-3.0%8.2%
Nashville, TN$300,000-1.6%7.1%
Nassau County, NY$475,0000.0%9.2%
New Brunswick, NJ$330,000-2.4%3.1%
New Haven, CT$219,000-4.2%1.9%
New Orleans, LA$217,200-6.4%3.4%
New York, NY$510,000-4.2%3.0%
Newark, NJ$360,000-6.0%7.5%
North Port, FL$280,0002.6%6.7%
Oakland, CA$725,000-1.8%1.4%
Oklahoma City, OK$185,000-1.2%7.6%
Omaha, NE$205,000-4.7%7.3%
Orlando, FL$260,000-0.4%4.8%
Oxnard, CA$610,000-0.8%-0.8%
Philadelphia, PA$205,000-8.9%2.5%
Phoenix, AZ$280,900-0.4%6.8%
Pittsburgh, PA$173,000-6.5%4.8%
Portland, OR$400,000-2.0%3.9%
Providence, RI$295,000-0.9%8.3%
Raleigh, NC$290,0000.0%2.5%
Richmond, VA$257,000-4.5%7.1%
Riverside, CA$385,0001.1%5.2%
Rochester, NY$154,000-4.9%8.1%
Sacramento, CA$415,000-0.8%3.8%
Salt Lake City, UT$345,0001.5%7.8%
San Antonio, TX$230,000-2.1%4.5%
San Diego, CA$575,000-3.0%-0.9%
San Francisco, CA$1,360,000-1.1%-4.6%
San Jose, CA$1,071,5002.0%-2.6%
Seattle, WA$540,000-3.6%-1.2%
St. Louis, MO$185,000-5.9%5.7%
Tacoma, WA$380,0000.5%7.6%
Tampa, FL$235,0000.0%4.4%
Tucson, AZ$228,0001.3%9.5%
Tulsa, OK$173,1000.6%4.1%
Urban Honolulu, HI$610,0003.4%6.1%
Virginia Beach, VA$239,700-2.2%4.2%
Warren, MI$222,200-2.2%10.0%
Washington, DC$399,900-3.6%5.0%
West Palm Beach, FL$290,0003.0%9.4%
Worcester, MA$280,000-3.4%3.7%
National $308,800 -1.5% 4.6%

Homes Sold

Redfin MetroHomes Sold, seasonally adjustedMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY794-6.3%-8.0%
Allentown, PA908-2.3%5.2%
Anaheim, CA2,5672.8%17.5%
Atlanta, GA8,709-2.3%-6.4%
Austin, TX2,976-1.7%5.7%
Bakersfield, CA8171.7%14.5%
Baltimore, MD3,5431.1%1.5%
Baton Rouge, LA808-6.8%-2.0%
Boston, MA4,100-1.6%-1.9%
Bridgeport, CT980-0.2%1.5%
Buffalo, NY1,010-3.2%0.9%
Camden, NJ1,7070.8%4.1%
Charlotte, NC3,689-1.2%5.6%
Chicago, IL7,711-1.1%-3.6%
Cincinnati, OH2,541-2.5%-4.4%
Cleveland, OH2,4980.5%7.0%
Columbus, OH2,558-0.2%1.3%
Dallas, TX5,6020.6%5.2%
Dayton, OH9871.5%5.1%
Denver, CO4,667-0.4%10.0%
Detroit, MI1,759-0.1%-4.1%
El Paso, TX669-10.7%1.1%
Elgin, IL934-3.7%-0.2%
Fort Lauderdale, FL2,977-0.6%1.3%
Fort Worth, TX2,845-0.6%0.4%
Frederick, MD1,455-3.3%0.6%
Fresno, CA750-2.8%0.2%
Grand Rapids, MI1,267-1.2%-3.4%
Greensboro, NC805-0.5%4.4%
Greenville, SC1,109-1.2%8.0%
Hartford, CT1,3373.0%15.8%
Houston, TX7,417-2.7%4.4%
Indianapolis, IN2,860-2.3%-0.3%
Jacksonville, FL2,437-1.4%4.3%
Kansas City, MO2,923-1.9%-2.5%
Knoxville, TN1,203-1.7%0.6%
Lake County, IL1,0401.0%-0.1%
Las Vegas, NV3,482-0.9%9.0%
Los Angeles, CA5,8402.3%7.1%
Louisville, KY1,3060.2%-1.1%
McAllen, TX275-0.3%8.5%
Memphis, TN1,1290.9%-2.9%
Miami, FL2,494-0.8%0.0%
Milwaukee, WI1,747-1.9%0.0%
Minneapolis, MN4,986-0.8%-1.1%
Montgomery County, PA2,177-2.9%-3.4%
Nashville, TN3,421-0.5%12.6%
Nassau County, NY2,380-4.0%-1.8%
New Brunswick, NJ2,940-1.4%-1.1%
New Haven, CT883-2.9%6.5%
New Orleans, LA1,2273.2%3.1%
New York, NY4,464-2.4%-3.0%
Newark, NJ2,0910.1%-0.4%
North Port, FL1,9320.5%6.0%
Oakland, CA2,190-0.6%-0.5%
Oklahoma City, OK1,845-1.3%5.1%
Omaha, NE1,136-3.3%0.8%
Orlando, FL3,876-1.9%1.2%
Oxnard, CA7240.4%12.4%
Philadelphia, PA2,059-3.1%-5.7%
Phoenix, AZ8,506-1.3%11.5%
Pittsburgh, PA2,141-1.2%2.9%
Portland, OR3,019-3.1%-2.1%
Providence, RI1,735-4.0%-3.2%
Raleigh, NC2,2710.9%8.1%
Richmond, VA1,6091.6%11.7%
Riverside, CA4,679-1.0%2.1%
Rochester, NY1,0841.6%5.0%
Sacramento, CA2,5480.5%-0.9%
Salt Lake City, UT1,545-1.2%-6.0%
San Antonio, TX2,745-1.5%1.6%
San Diego, CA3,0842.1%12.7%
San Francisco, CA875-0.7%-4.2%
San Jose, CA1,107-4.5%-4.3%
Seattle, WA3,711-2.5%4.5%
St. Louis, MO3,449-0.4%-0.7%
Tacoma, WA1,315-0.2%-1.6%
Tampa, FL5,478-0.5%6.5%
Tucson, AZ1,508-1.6%5.5%
Tulsa, OK1,2040.8%9.6%
Urban Honolulu, HI781-0.7%1.0%
Virginia Beach, VA2,128-2.6%10.0%
Warren, MI3,334-0.3%-3.0%
Washington, DC6,1081.2%2.2%
West Palm Beach, FL2,746-0.4%-1.6%
Worcester, MA1,008-2.9%-2.3%
National 267,300 -0.5% 1.3%

New Listings

Redfin MetroNew Listings, seasonally adjustedMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY1,15211.2%4.9%
Albuquerque, NM831-28.6%-38.3%
Allentown, PA789-14.6%-31.9%
Anaheim, CA2,657-1.7%-14.9%
Atlanta, GA10,522-0.4%-4.6%
Austin, TX3,5825.9%6.4%
Bakersfield, CA875-3.8%-5.6%
Baltimore, MD4,3240.0%0.0%
Baton Rouge, LA694-12.2%-29.0%
Boston, MA5,1265.6%-4.4%
Bridgeport, CT1,4382.7%5.6%
Buffalo, NY1,3286.9%10.4%
Camden, NJ2,0692.2%-2.3%
Charlotte, NC4,1081.2%4.4%
Chicago, IL10,277-0.9%-3.5%
Cincinnati, OH3,0933.0%4.5%
Cleveland, OH2,9320.6%2.2%
Columbus, OH2,9093.7%4.4%
Dallas, TX7,3002.7%5.5%
Dayton, OH1,1393.2%-1.4%
Denver, CO5,037-0.9%-2.2%
Detroit, MI2,416-2.0%-3.0%
El Paso, TX9270.7%24.2%
Elgin, IL1,148-2.9%-4.6%
Fort Lauderdale, FL3,5550.2%-13.7%
Fort Worth, TX3,4832.2%4.7%
Frederick, MD1,7844.9%9.8%
Fresno, CA875-0.4%-5.3%
Grand Rapids, MI1,5182.9%6.0%
Greensboro, NC819-0.5%-3.4%
Greenville, SC1,252-4.1%-6.0%
Hartford, CT1,7814.0%9.7%
Houston, TX9,639-0.4%1.8%
Indianapolis, IN3,0640.3%-1.5%
Jacksonville, FL2,656-2.6%-8.8%
Kansas City, MO2,780-12.1%-21.8%
Knoxville, TN1,332-4.1%21.6%
Lake County, IL1,305-2.8%-5.8%
Las Vegas, NV3,845-1.7%-11.9%
Los Angeles, CA6,7450.4%-8.6%
Louisville, KY1,5512.8%2.5%
McAllen, TX4641.1%11.3%
Memphis, TN1,2861.5%-2.5%
Miami, FL3,8320.3%-13.1%
Milwaukee, WI1,8840.4%1.1%
Minneapolis, MN5,505-0.5%-0.9%
Montgomery County, PA2,609-1.9%-6.2%
Nashville, TN4,0660.5%1.4%
Nassau County, NY3,4773.1%1.3%
New Brunswick, NJ4,0174.8%2.6%
New Haven, CT1,1211.5%2.0%
New Orleans, LA1,5564.9%28.0%
New York, NY8,0667.2%-4.4%
Newark, NJ2,8689.5%3.2%
North Port, FL2,3340.8%5.5%
Oakland, CA2,5292.5%-7.3%
Oklahoma City, OK2,134-4.3%4.1%
Omaha, NE1,199-1.4%-1.8%
Orlando, FL4,3661.0%-5.9%
Oxnard, CA7861.9%-9.5%
Philadelphia, PA2,9335.2%3.8%
Phoenix, AZ8,617-0.3%-1.9%
Pittsburgh, PA2,5515.8%8.9%
Portland, OR3,4550.5%-5.1%
Providence, RI2,1823.4%-4.3%
Raleigh, NC2,485-0.1%11.6%
Richmond, VA1,8193.6%6.4%
Riverside, CA5,354-1.0%-10.6%
Rochester, NY1,2420.8%6.5%
Sacramento, CA2,9770.8%-8.0%
Salt Lake City, UT1,136-24.4%-40.4%
San Antonio, TX3,4824.8%10.5%
San Diego, CA3,163-2.4%-13.8%
San Francisco, CA1,0572.9%-7.8%
San Jose, CA1,249-6.7%-21.7%
Seattle, WA3,8970.0%-11.8%
St. Louis, MO3,313-4.3%-19.3%
Tacoma, WA1,306-1.0%-11.2%
Tampa, FL6,049-0.9%-4.6%
Tulsa, OK1,007-11.8%-28.6%
Urban Honolulu, HI924-8.5%-5.2%
Virginia Beach, VA2,5210.4%6.3%
Warren, MI4,1131.2%-0.2%
Washington, DC7,0283.0%-0.3%
West Palm Beach, FL3,380-0.7%-10.6%
Worcester, MA1,2755.9%4.8%
National 315,500 -0.1% -3.6%

All Homes for Sale

Redfin MetroAll Homes for SaleMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY3,3531.2%-4.2%
Albuquerque, NM2,146-8.0%-53.5%
Allentown, PA2,078-5.7%-31.9%
Anaheim, CA7,445-12.4%-16.0%
Atlanta, GA26,202-2.7%-6.3%
Austin, TX7,412-6.0%-15.0%
Bakersfield, CA1,909-4.5%-18.1%
Baltimore, MD11,2370.6%0.6%
Baton Rouge, LA2,556-6.3%-32.5%
Birmingham, AL4,294-7.6%-13.8%
Boston, MA11,11512.8%8.1%
Bridgeport, CT6,2291.2%-0.3%
Buffalo, NY2,3862.4%-11.7%
Camden, NJ5,846-1.8%-16.4%
Charlotte, NC10,683-4.1%-7.6%
Chicago, IL37,1958.2%16.2%
Cincinnati, OH7,951-3.3%-10.5%
Cleveland, OH8,293-4.7%-9.0%
Columbus, OH6,730-2.7%-3.6%
Dallas, TX18,385-7.5%-1.0%
Dayton, OH2,5600.3%-17.9%
Denver, CO8,705-2.8%-0.2%
Detroit, MI5,900-2.8%4.9%
El Paso, TX2,690-1.1%4.9%
Elgin, IL4,0049.3%22.5%
Fort Lauderdale, FL12,956-1.4%-4.5%
Fort Worth, TX7,377-9.0%-4.3%
Frederick, MD3,8937.5%-0.9%
Fresno, CA1,775-0.8%-10.3%
Grand Rapids, MI2,9022.7%2.7%
Greensboro, NC1,855-8.0%-24.4%
Greenville, SC4,180-4.6%3.6%
Hartford, CT5,773-3.2%-4.2%
Houston, TX28,263-4.9%0.5%
Indianapolis, IN5,980-3.0%-9.4%
Jacksonville, FL7,419-3.8%-10.8%
Knoxville, TN4,018-3.6%8.7%
Lake County, IL5,2971.1%9.3%
Las Vegas, NV11,193-5.0%17.5%
Los Angeles, CA17,553-5.7%-10.8%
Louisville, KY3,4720.5%-1.4%
McAllen, TX1,914-1.5%0.1%
Memphis, TN2,949-3.5%-10.2%
Miami, FL17,7690.0%-2.9%
Milwaukee, WI5,4690.6%-0.9%
Minneapolis, MN12,0711.1%-4.4%
Montgomery County, PA6,4835.2%-6.0%
Nashville, TN11,244-0.8%-1.8%
Nassau County, NY11,681-1.4%-2.8%
New Brunswick, NJ12,867-2.1%-7.0%
New Haven, CT3,948-4.0%-6.7%
New Orleans, LA4,486-0.7%-23.7%
New York, NY34,937-0.2%-9.3%
Newark, NJ9,4042.8%-0.1%
North Port, FL5,962-0.8%-10.1%
Oakland, CA4,0046.4%-3.8%
Oklahoma City, OK5,034-4.3%-12.8%
Omaha, NE2,1390.8%-10.6%
Orlando, FL9,449-2.2%-11.5%
Oxnard, CA2,210-9.1%5.3%
Philadelphia, PA7,2655.5%3.7%
Phoenix, AZ15,575-3.9%-19.5%
Pittsburgh, PA8,922-1.0%-3.1%
Portland, OR7,654-3.9%-11.7%
Providence, RI6,1372.5%-11.2%
Raleigh, NC6,422-3.1%-6.9%
Richmond, VA3,442-1.1%-9.3%
Riverside, CA14,492-7.7%-17.3%
Rochester, NY2,0191.2%-20.7%
Sacramento, CA5,943-6.0%-13.5%
Salt Lake City, UT2,424-13.5%-47.0%
San Antonio, TX8,837-6.5%-2.3%
San Diego, CA6,516-8.6%-23.2%
San Francisco, CA2,13249.5%5.3%
San Jose, CA2,489-2.0%-1.1%
Seattle, WA7,405-1.8%-18.9%
St. Louis, MO8,827-2.2%-27.5%
Tacoma, WA1,975-10.5%-31.8%
Tampa, FL12,571-2.3%-9.7%
Tulsa, OK2,668-8.3%-38.9%
Urban Honolulu, HI3,663-2.4%9.9%
Virginia Beach, VA6,183-9.0%-16.9%
Warren, MI10,156-0.1%6.2%
Washington, DC14,1293.0%-14.2%
West Palm Beach, FL12,199-1.5%-8.7%
Worcester, MA2,9543.5%-6.5%
National 842,800 -2.0% -7.7%

Median Off-Market Redfin Estimate

Redfin MetroEstimateMonth-Over-MonthYear-Over-Year
Albany, NY$221,6000.2%3.0%
Allentown, PA$224,0001.8%8.2%
Atlanta, GA$233,2000.2%9.6%
Austin, TX$321,2000.3%7.5%
Bakersfield, CA$227,1000.8%7.5%
Baltimore, MD$268,0000.3%5.5%
Baton Rouge, LA$172,9000.3%14.6%
Birmingham, AL$154,300-0.1%4.6%
Boston, MA$500,9000.2%2.5%
Buffalo, NY$166,9001.2%7.2%
Camden, NJ$205,8001.0%6.4%
Charlotte, NC$212,2001.0%5.3%
Chicago, IL$253,5000.9%6.6%
Cincinnati, OH$180,3001.9%8.0%
Cleveland, OH$148,2002.1%8.0%
Columbus, OH$203,1001.9%8.8%
Dallas, TX$267,3000.7%5.1%
Dayton, OH$125,8002.1%7.7%
Denver, CO$419,3000.4%2.6%
Detroit, MI$112,9002.7%9.3%
Fort Lauderdale, FL$272,9000.4%4.9%
Fort Worth, TX$225,7000.7%7.5%
Fresno, CA$264,0000.6%4.9%
Grand Rapids, MI$172,9001.3%8.9%
Greenville, SC$194,5000.6%17.6%
Houston, TX$215,3000.5%5.2%
Indianapolis, IN$171,1000.8%8.2%
Jacksonville, FL$231,2001.2%8.2%
Kansas City, MO$193,2000.6%4.4%
Knoxville, TN$183,0001.5%24.0%
Las Vegas, NV$281,7000.0%4.1%
Los Angeles, CA$639,3000.4%2.8%
Louisville, KY$178,1000.5%18.8%
Memphis, TN$148,0000.2%10.9%
Miami, FL$310,8000.8%6.3%
Milwaukee, WI$201,1001.0%-3.7%
Minneapolis, MN$275,4000.6%6.8%
Montgomery County, PA$326,6000.5%3.4%
Nashville, TN$273,5001.1%11.6%
New Orleans, LA$189,8000.4%14.1%
Newark, NJ$384,0002.3%16.2%
Oakland, CA$772,300-0.3%-0.3%
Oklahoma City, OK$155,0000.7%11.3%
Omaha, NE$183,9000.8%9.0%
Orlando, FL$244,2000.6%7.4%
Oxnard, CA$610,1000.3%1.5%
Philadelphia, PA$193,9000.4%-6.3%
Phoenix, AZ$281,9000.6%7.1%
Pittsburgh, PA$159,6002.6%13.7%
Portland, OR$406,4000.0%3.8%
Providence, RI$306,5000.8%4.4%
Raleigh, NC$278,3000.8%6.5%
Richmond, VA$235,9000.8%6.7%
Riverside, CA$375,8000.5%3.8%
Rochester, NY$153,8000.7%7.7%
Sacramento, CA$423,5000.4%5.4%
Salt Lake City, UT$344,1000.7%7.1%
San Antonio, TX$205,8001.4%8.7%
San Diego, CA$604,2000.2%2.2%
San Francisco, CA$1,343,500-0.2%-1.3%
San Jose, CA$1,154,500-1.1%-8.5%
Seattle, WA$578,9000.5%2.1%
St. Louis, MO$169,7001.4%9.5%
Tacoma, WA$373,6000.2%8.6%
Tampa, FL$231,0000.7%8.0%
Tucson, AZ$224,8000.6%10.7%
Tulsa, OK$144,0000.0%5.0%
Warren, MI$213,6000.6%1.2%
Washington, DC$401,2000.4%4.1%
West Palm Beach, FL$277,3000.5%5.5%
Worcester, MA$296,5000.4%4.6%
National $315,900 4.0% 6.2%
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Senior Data Journalist / Real Estate Analyst

Tim Ellis has been analyzing the real estate market since 2005, and worked at Redfin as a housing market analyst from 2010 through 2013 and again starting in 2018. In his free time, he runs the independently-operated Seattle-area real estate website Seattle Bubble, and produces the "Dispatches from the Multiverse" improvised comedy sci-fi podcast.

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