How ‘The Chuck Norris of Boston Real Estate’ Helped One Homebuyer Beat the Competition

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Boston Real Estate Agent
Austin, a Redfin client, bought his first condo with the help of his real estate agent, Katie Gustafson.

Austin was a first-time homebuyer looking for a condo in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, an area where homes were selling within days and competition was fierce. “As an inexperienced first time buyer entering an extremely fast moving market, I had doubts about finding the right place. Or even worse, buying the wrong place and having it be a costly mistake,” said Austin. “That thought got a roundhouse kick right out the window the second I realized I had the Chuck Norris of Boston real estate agents on my side.”

“I realized I had the Chuck Norris of Boston real estate agents on my side.”

Austin had enlisted Katie Gustafson, a local Redfin real estate agent, to help him through the process. He was on the hunt for a top-floor condo in a triple-decker that he could renovate and eventually sell for a profit. But finding one that would be a good investment — and not a money pit — was a challenge.

“From the moment the process began, Katie’s love for what she does was obvious. Her honesty and vast knowledge of what to look out for when buying a home were monumental assets. As we searched properties, her ability to see future issues or identify hidden potential in each made me a far more knowledgeable and effective buyer,” said Austin.

Best Real Estate Agent in Boston
Austin swooped in and made an offer before anyone else had the chance to compete.

After going on a couple of tours, Austin thought he found a place that would meet his needs, until he got a notification on his phone. “I was about to make an offer on another property when the condo I ended up purchasing popped up via Redfin alerts,” said Austin. “I quickly called Katie, as I knew this condo was ‘The One.’ It was imperative that we got in fast, as I knew it didn’t stand a chance of lasting more than a day on the market.”

Katie jumped in faster than Chuck Norris diving into a pool of sharks. She called the listing agent, and asked if they could view the property right away. “Despite the sellers’/contractors’ reluctance to let anyone tour before the open house, she was able to get me in for a tour that day. I put in an offer an hour after I left.”

Jamaica Plains Real Estate Agent
Katie Gustafson (left) earned the Redfin “Red Pants” award for excellent customer service based on Austin’s review.

In an area where bidding wars were driving prices sky-high, Austin was able to snap up the property for only $1,000 above the asking price, before anyone else had a chance to see it. The other two units underneath Austin’s sold for $7,000 and $15,000 over the asking price, and they had the same design and amenities. Katie negotiated so that the seller paid $4,000 toward the closing costs, and so that Austin would have roof rights to build a deck. She also got the seller to throw in a washer and dryer! “Katie’s persistence and speed got me into the condo that truly feels like home. The two other units in the building went on the market the next day and sold within 24 hours as well,” said Austin.

When all was said and done, Austin walked away with the home of his dreams, and a check for $1,200, which was part of the commission fee that Redfin refunded him (as it does with all clients). He also left a five-star review for Katie, which garnered her and her transaction coordinator, Simon Anderson, the Redfin Red Pants Award for excellent customer service.

Boston Real Estate Agent Reviews
Despite being on lower levels, the units below Austin’s sold for more money.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was expecting a car salesman to try and get me into the first thing I saw. That couldn’t have been further from the truth,” he said. “[Katie’s] positivity, energy and interest in getting me in the RIGHT home was always paramount. At every step, from the initial property search, advising me on lenders and attorneys, inspection of the home and all the excitement leading to the closing, it was clear that Ms. Gustafson knows her business. For my mortgage broker and attorney, I followed Katie’s advice and I couldn’t have been happier. It is so incredibly important to have a good team with you. I never doubted for a second that I had the best one supporting me. I have and will continue to recommend Ms. Gustafson’s service and Redfin to everyone.”

If you’re searching for homes for sale in Jamaica Plain and would like the “Chuck Norris of Boston Real Estate” on your side, you can contact Katie via

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