How to Make Sustainable Interior Design Look Chic

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Although the idea of sustainable design has been around for a while, it’s emerging as a hot trend just recently.  The reason is that for a long time, eco-friendly was perceived as pricy, a passing fad or simply as a synonym of plain and ugly.  In reality, many architects and designers are fascinated with sustainability, creating mesmerizing and almost hard-to-believe interiors. Merging modernity and nature can bring unique character to your living space that will impress every visitor. If you are looking for a way to design a breathtaking interior with a “green” theme, you can explore these eco-friendly features.

1. Minimalist Approach

Minimalist kitchen
Image via designmilk/Flickr

Minimalism and sustainability are so entangled that it’s impossible to talk about the one without mentioning the other. Nothing screams style and class like a minimalist design. Its simplicity and symmetry will give your decor a cutting edge.  The sleek and clean lines, combined with a mixture of industrial and natural materials add a contemporary, yet timeless feel to the place. On the other hand, living with less means less production and greener environment. The manufacturing of goods involves the use of scarce resources and the emission of volatile substances.  Plus, you will spare yourself the hassle of cleaning all the knick knacks.

2. Indoor Living wall

indoor living wall
Image via Spaceo/Wikimedia Commons

If you crave a little more nature behind the walls of your home, then you should definitely consider installing a living wall. These features are widely used in the exterior of sustainable buildings, but now are making their way into the interior design well.  A “vertical garden” can be a great twist in any type of decor. For example, you can use a pallet plant wall in a more bohemian or Scandinavian decor. You can grow your own “vertical garden” or use it simply as decorative detail.  Big or small, the living wall can serve as an amazing focal point in every interior. These indoor gardens have another benefit, too. According scientific researches, the plants can actually help reduce the indoor air pollution.

3. Leather Tiles

leather belt tiles
Leather Belt Tiles, Image via SOCIALisBETTER/Flickr

Have you heard about leather tiles? This is the next big thing in interior design. Sustainability is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear leather, but  even this expensive material can be recycled and turned into an amazing design detail. Industrial scraps and fabric composites from old shoes, clothing and furniture are transformed into a gorgeous wall and floor tiles. Your guests will be absolutely impressed when you tell them that they are standing over leather flooring. These tiles will add unmatchable warmth and beauty to your home. The only downside is with basic cleaning and maintenance.

4. Unique Furniture

Speaking of recycling, next time you go furniture shopping be sure to check the flea market or antique shops. You can find some great deals and acquire one-of-a kind items for your home. Help the environment by finding a new purpose for old appliances. Play with the decor of your place by mixing different furniture styles.

Sustainable interior design doesn’t look that dull anymore, does it? Which of these is your favorite?

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Megan Powell is a writer by profession and an artist at heart. After graduating the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design she has devoted her time to combining her passions and became an author of design, house cleaning and property maintenance related articles. She is constantly seeking for creative eco-friendly cleaning solutions and clever organizing ideas to share with her audience.

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