4 Low-Cost Remodels That Increase Home Value

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4 Low-Cost Remodels That Increase Home Value

increase home value

Remodeling your home shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars, especially if you’re about to sell it. You want to make money on your home sale, not lose a lot in renovations. However, you want the house to shine and sparkle to buyers as they walk through. So how do you compromise?

To increase the appeal of your home and avoid draining your bank account, consider these low-cost remodels that increase home value:

Add more natural light with windows.

While homeowners could spend a lot of money installing more overhead lighting, the alternative is to replace or install new windows. DIY window replacement usually costs between $150 and $600 per window, though it varies by window type, size and whether the window is single-paned or double-paned. Windows allot more natural lighting into rooms, which could decrease utility prices for current and future homeowners. Plus it could mean a beautiful view into the front or backyard, depending on where they’re installed.

Revitalize the walls with paint.

Walls may look a little drab and worn after years of putting up picture frames, being touched by children’s hands and having furniture pushed up against them. So before you sell the house, consider painting the wall yourself for about $200 and save around $2,000 in professional interior painting. It allows them to look refreshed, neutral and bright to future homeowners as they walk through the house. It also gives you the chance to hide any marks such as crayons, pet paw prints and other things that a fresh coat can make disappear.

Brighten up cabinetry with refacing or refinishing.

Open, close, open, close — after years of that routine, kitchen cabinets can get scratched, dinged up and worn down by repetitive use. The cabinet doors have probably taken the brunt of the damage, and may be looking a little worse for wear as a result. Instead of replacing the cabinets, homeowners can spend about $250 per door to refinish the doors, which involves sanding and staining. Refacing your cabinets is another option that costs around $250 to $500, which shines in comparison with professional kitchen cabinet refacing costs. Refacing involves buying new cabinet doors and covering them with matching wood or plastic veneer. Both options will save on the thousands of dollars it would cost to buy new cabinets.

Create a new floor using tiles.

If your flooring is starting to look old and a little worse for wear, you may consider pulling it up and replacing it. Of the many options available to replace it — carpet, hardwood, laminate — one of the cheapest options is tile. Tile comes in a wide variety of colors, materials and shapes. Plus, homeowners have the option to lay the tile themselves, which saves time and costs around $1,500. However, it might be a good idea to consult with a tiling professional in case you’re unsure how to lay tiles or work with grout.

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