John Lautner’s Stevens House Reappears on the Market with Another Discount

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John Lautner’s Stevens House Reappears on the Market with Another Discount


This Malibu Colony marvel, known as the “Stevens House,” was designed by SoCal architect extraordinaire John Lautner and is now entering its second year on the market without a buyer. Hopefully chopping another $2 million from the price tag will attract the next steward of this California cultural landmark.

Lautner built his legacy by designing some of Los Angeles’ most iconic real estate, including the Foster Carling Residence and the famed Chemosphere. While his landmark designs are highly sought after by the upper ranks of the rich and famous, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Lautner’s most high profile homes tend to be slow to sell. Take, for example, the 23,000 square foot Palm Springs behemoth commissioned by Bob and Dolores Hope. The Hope Estate has now been on Redfin for over 500 days and is currently listed at $24.999 million — half its original list price when it was first listed back in early 2013!

The Stevens House appears to be contributing to this trend. The sweeping, half-dome inspired facade first hit the market back in 2013 for $22 million. It dropped below $20 million in 2014 and has now reemerged for $17.995 million. While Lautner’s architecture is undoubtedly worthy of cultural landmark status, his bold design choices only appeal to a select few — a select few who want to reside in a piece of architectural history and have tens of millions of dollars to spend on a home.

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