Great DIY Memorial Day BBQ Ideas

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By Diana Mackie, Hometalk

Memorial Day is a holiday very near and dear to Americans’ hearts. For many of us, it’s a special time to spend with family and loved ones. Check out these easy DIY Memorial Day BBQ ideas to help you make your gathering one full of treasured moments.

1. Overhead Streamers

Memorial Day BBQ decorations
Photo credit: Memorial Day Prep via Diana Haynes

Instantly transform your backyard space into a festive scene by stringing dollar store streamers overhead. Your guests will love the airy, whimsical vibe. You can also use string lights to add some sparkle at twilight!

2. Patriotic Luminaries

Patriotic luminaries
Photo credit: DIY Patriotic Luminaries Via My Blessed Life

How lovely are these patriotic luminaries? These will help keep your Memorial Day BBQ going well past dark. All you need to do is wrap your candles in twine and ribbon, and voila!

3. Easy Tablecloth Idea

Memorial Day BBQ tablecloth
Photo credit: Memorial Day Prep via Diana Haynes

You can also use dollar store streamers to make an incredibly cute tabletop design in under a minute! How easy and festive!

4.Memorial Day Table Setting

Memorial Day table setting
Photo credit: Patriotic Picnic BBQ via Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Who says that beautiful table settings are only for formal dining? Make your backyard table setting look as lovely as Waldorf’s by using a large paper plate as a charger. Bon appetit!

5. American Flag Backdrop

Memorial Day BBQ rag flag
Photo credit: Memorial Day Rag Flag via The Rustic Pig

All you need for this Memorial Day decor craft is some string and fabric strips. Just think of how great it will look, lightly fluttering in the summer breeze.

6. DIY Wooden Firecrackers

Wooden firecrackers
Photo credit: DIY Wooden Firecrackers via Hoosier Homemade

Create a festive seating corner at your Memorial Day BBQ with this easy DIY setup. The firecracker image is perfectly on point — just glue on some rope and spray paint away!

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About Diana Mackie and Hometalk
Diana Mackie is the content manager for Hometalk, the largest home and garden social network on the web. Millions of homeowners and professionals use Hometalk to share their knowledge and find credible information and sources of inspiration.

Note: This is a guest post; the views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Redfin.

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