Michael Jackson’s $100 Million Neverland Ranch is a Real ‘Thriller’

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Michael Jackson’s $100 Million Neverland Ranch is a Real ‘Thriller’

For all the MJ fans and P.Y.T.’s looking to spend a pretty penny on a new mansion, “you are not alone,” and, if you happen have a $100 million to spend, you may just want to say “beat it” to other potential buyers and moonwalk your way into this iconic piece of celebrity real estate.

That’s right, the late Michael Jackson’s famous Neverland Ranch is now available for purchase, though you may need to be a “smooth criminal” in order to make the $376,000, monthly mortgage payment on this 12,598 square-foot home.

The ranch is located near Los Olivos, Calif., not far from Santa Barbara, and while there are no longer orangutans and elephants running around the property, there is the famous gate that spells out “Neverland Ranch,” acting as a daily reminder that this was once owned by King of Pop.

With it’s six-bedrooms and nine-bathrooms, there are surely plenty of opportunities to check out the “man in the mirror” before heading outside to wander the grounds of this 2,700acre estate. While the amusement rides have since been removed, the property is still home to a functioning train station and train track, so feel free to hop on board and “don’t stop till you get enough” of this famous piece of pop-culture history.


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