The Priciest Home in America Just Went Up $20 Million

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The Priciest Home in America Just Went Up $20 Million

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If you can’t find a buyer, why not raise the asking price by a few million? That seems to be the exact strategy for the most expensive house in America. 

This massive Hillsboro Beach chateau, built on four acres of pristine Florida beach, has just been relisted with a whopping price tag of $159M; a $20M price jump from it’s previous list price of $139M back in September, 2014. Armed with a grand staircase that alone is worth $2M and over $3M worth of gold leaf spread throughout the mansion, it’s clear that this chateau was never going to be anywhere close to the median Hillsboro Beach list price of $395K.

For those anxious to make this their forever abode, keep in mind that one monthly mortgage payment will cost approximately $629K per month. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see who swoops in and makes an offer on this crazy opulent chateau!

What do you think of this Florida mega mansion? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Redfin

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