My Redfin Internship: Utsav Ahuja

Engineering at Redfin

My Redfin Internship: Utsav Ahuja


So it begins, I thought, as I walked into Market Place Tower for the first time. I didn’t realize how lucky I was, that morning. That realization would come months later, as I left Market Place Tower for the last time–far too soon after I first arrived. In the time between those two events, I became a Software Developer in Test Intern on the Engineering Frameworks team at Redfin.

What happened in those 3 short months that made me feel lucky? A plethora of experiences. I began and finished my project–creating the automation framework for android and iOS app testing and integrating it into our pre-existing tool, Test Selector. I went to amazing events planned by Redfin’s recruiting team–from zip-lining and a Seattle Sounders game, to hiking Lake 22 and the magical Teatro Zinzanni Dinner Theater. I flew to San Francisco and met the engineering teams there.

But all of that wasn’t the best part. The best part was the people.

Each and every person I met was so talented, kind, and willing to share their knowledge and commitment to what they did. It blew me away. My fellow interns were not just smart, they were welcoming and collaborative. My team was not just a group of people working for a paycheck, but rather they truly believed in the company’s mission of making buying and selling homes easier, less stressful, and just better. The executives that my fellow interns and I were privileged to have had fireside chats with, including Bridget (CTO), Adam (CGO), Matt (CPO), and Glenn (CEO), were not distant or entitled, but rather incredibly down to earth and open.

I was shown what an ideal company should be. Respectful and kind to its employees beyond measure. Passionate employees that, as is one of the Redfin values, work for more than just a paycheck. Empathetic executives that truly care about the input of each and every employee.

As I walked out of the building on my last day, I knew I would miss many things about Redfin–the simply stunning view of Elliot Bay, the comfy lounge on the 4th floor that was my favorite place to focus, the delicious snacks that I overindulged on a daily basis.

What I’ll miss the most however, is the people that made my short time at Redfin so special. The people that taught me an incredible amount, not just about software development, but about careers and about thriving in life.

I’m lucky to say I had the opportunity to intern at Redfin. I truly hope you can, too.

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