NBA Finals Game 3: Who Has the More Tricked Out House—Tristan Thompson or Andre Iguodala?

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NBA Finals Game 3: Who Has the More Tricked Out House—Tristan Thompson or Andre Iguodala?

Game three is underway today. With the Warriors leading the charge with two wins under their belt, the Cavaliers certainly have some ground to cover. Tonight’s game is make it or break it for the Cavaliers after their tragic loss on Sunday–a final score of Golden State 110 and Cavaliers 77. But in terms of real estate, we have a tie. Stephen Curry’s house snagged a win in our first poll and Lebron James’s house won the second. The question is, who will take round three? We have Tristan Thompson of the Cavaliers up against Andre Iguodala of Golden State.

Tristan Thompson

Type: House

Located: Brantenahl, OH

Bedrooms: 5


Size: 8,716 sq. feet

Built: 1890

Purchased: July 31, 2015 for $1.1 million

Tristan Thompson’s house is located in Bratenahl, Ohio just outside of Cleveland. This five bedroom,  five-and-a-half bathroom stunning colonial is filled with old world charm and is just steps from Lake Erie. That’s right, Tristan Thompson’s house sits on Lake Erie…honestly it can’t get better than that. But it does. This luxe home also features a workout room, a three-car garage, a tennis court and a basketball court (of course). Our favorite feature has to be the awe-inspiring brick patio that overlooks the lake, with a grill and a gazebo. The patio is the definition of summer and I’m sure he has a few of his famous teammates over from time to time for some barbecuing.

Andre Iguodala

Type: House

Located: Sherman Oaks, CA

Bedrooms: 5

Baths: 5

Size: 3,972 sq. feet

Built: 2007

Purchased: December 10, 2009 for $625,000

Andre Igoudala’s house in Sherman Oaks, CA is located just outside of L.A. and the best part is it’s for sale. The house is currently listed for $1,500,000 and hit the market in January of 2016. The star small forward might be looking for an upgrade with his $11 million annual salary. But, his five bedroom, five bathroom Mediterranean villa is definitely a slam dunk. This spectacular house features a walk-in closet, a spacious backyard and patio and a large kitchen island. But the game-winning feature has to be the master bedroom with a master bathroom, complete with a jetted tub and walk-in shower. And we can’t forget the porch attached to the bedroom. The master suite is certainly a dream.

With the two players’ homes differing in size, look and price, whose house wins this round? A dream-worthy backyard or a dream-worthy master bedroom? Vote below!

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