“Organically Sensuous” Dome Home Hits the Market for a Third Time

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“Organically Sensuous” Dome Home Hits the Market for a Third Time

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to live in a home described as “organically sensuous,” a phrase coined by the designer himself. This three-bedroom, two-bath unique home just outside of Portland is as rich in history as it is in character, and has just hit the market for the third time!

As any artist will tell you, inspiration can come in the most random of places, and for renowned Dutch artist Francisco Reynders, the design inspiration for this home was no exception. While driving past a Portland salvage yard back in the 70s, Reynders spotted his architectural muse; heaps and heaps of domed metal covers designed to protect gun turrets on battleships during World War II. The idea stuck with Reynders, and after purchasing the domed covers as inspiration for a mere $50 a piece, Reynders started to design and build the quirky abode that still stands today.

Listed at $849K, this dome home is priced significantly above the West Linn median list price of $699K, but for the buyer who values history and charm, this home is priceless.

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