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What the Government Could Really Do to Support Entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are becoming my two least-favorite words, mostly because they are being appropriated in ways that are neither innovative nor entrepreneurial. Like in today’s New York Times essay by Tom Friedman. Friedman used to be one of my favorite writers. In Beirut to Jerusalem, when he talked about two sheiks on a flight …

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MySQL to Postgres

A couple of weeks ago we released an upgrade to the Redfin site. Some of the changes were obvious: we now support Safari, we show polygons for different region types on the map (cities, neighborhoods, zip codes, etc.), we show price history on the listing details page, we allow users to download search results as …

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How Green Was My Valley

The New York Times reports Friday that alone among all the cities hoping to be the next Silicon Valley, Seattle “is actually doing it.” But the Times didn’t talk to iLike President Hadi Partovi, or Zillow CEO Rich Barton, both entrepreneurs who, like many of the folks at Redfin, shuttle between Seattle and Silicon Valley. …

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