7 Seriously Perfect Gifts for the Homebody on Your List

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7 Seriously Perfect Gifts for the Homebody on Your List

During this time of year, I find my calendar filling up with holiday activities, shopping and family outings. As the temperature drops, the thought of facing cold weather becomes a reality. I myself am guilty of cancelling holiday plans in favor of a Netflix marathon, just to avoid the harsh winter weather. So in honor of all the homebodies, we’ve composed a gift guide that will make everyone appreciate warm nights inside. Here are 7 perfect gifts for the homebody on your list.

1. Blue Apron

Blue Apron
Image via Blue Apron

Even with food delivery services becoming increasingly popular, there are still those days we all just crave a home-cooked meal. Fortunately, Blue Apron provides that perfect  home cooked taste, with half the work required. Each box from Blue Apron includes all the necessary ingredients, plus step-by-step instructions for a perfectly cooked meal.

2. TV Trays

TV dinner tray
Image via Uncommon Goods

When treating yourself to a home cooked meal, why not try a different plating strategy? These TV dinner trays from Uncommon Goods add a 1950s throwback feel to any dinner. Plus, you get to eat and watch TV at the same time! Buy these, and relive your childhood memories with your family or closest friends.

3. Coloring Books

coloring book
Image via Anthropologie


Adult coloring books are the perfect gift for any crafty homebody. Enchanted Forest” and “Fantastic Cities” are our two favorites, and are sure get anyone’s imagination running.

4. Smartphone Projector

phone projector
Image via Uncommon Goods

Why go to a movie when you can bring the movie experience to your home? This retro-style projector from Uncommon Goods starts as a great craft project, and finishes as the perfect projector for all your photos and videos. At a relatively low cost, this is a great gift for anyone who wants cinematic viewing of all their captured moments.

5. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo
Image via Amazon

The Amazon Echo is an ideal gift for anyone who wishes they could manage all of life’s tasks from the comfort of their own living room. The Echo’s voice-activated technology allows you to simultaneously find recipes, play music and complete your grocery list.  

6. Custom Pet Pillow

custom pet pillow
Image via Uncommon Goods

Do you know someone who struggles with pet separation anxiety, or just adores their pet to no end?  Of course you do. And now Uncommon Goods has a product for both of those people. Photo-printed custom pet pillows! All you have to do is upload a photo of the pet, and Uncommon Good will create the pillow. It’s the perfect coping mechanism for kitty withdrawals, or just a fun way to show how much you love your furry friend.

7. Adult Onesie

Image via Forever Lazy

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an array of blanket alternatives hit the market, from the Snuggie to the Slanket. If you don’t own one, you’ve at least seen one.  At the front of the pack, the adult onesie provides the convenience and experience that homebodies will cherish. Our favorites are from Forever Lazy. With a fun variety of colors, styles and textures, these onesies are the perfect gift for anyone looking to retire their old blankets.

Which one of these gifts do you think your homebody friend would like best? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @Redfin.

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