You’ll Never Believe What I Saw in This 3D Home Tour

Updated on September 16th, 2021

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The following is a contribution from our oldest and tallest agent, Frank N. Stein:

I’ve been a real estate agent for years, seemingly since Gothic novels were in vogue. Over the years, I have sold a variety of peculiar homes, from creaky Victorian mansions to remote cabins in the woods, but this one was the most unsettling by far. The owners were unusual, but gracious enough and quite transparent – when it came to their expectations. The home had good bones, as we say in the business, but I just couldn’t shake this eerie feeling. I thought it was me – maybe I had a screw loose – so I pushed my concern aside and asked the owners to show me around.

The home’s main floor showed well. When I was led down to the unfinished basement, a jolt of electricity ran down my spine. I lurched back up the stairs as fast as I could. Something was amiss. When I got the imaging back from the Redfin 3D Walkthrough, I realized these homeowners had a few skeletons in the closet. Indeed there was more to this home than meets the eye, especially in the basement! All I can say is, ghouls are real, and that weeping girl keeps me up at night. Click here, if you dare!


About Frank N. Stein

While a bit stiff socially, Frank N. Stein has the component parts of a great agent: He’s been in the business many, many years; he longs for human contact; and he’s a self-taught striver. In fact, his steadfast persistence (and height!) is difficult to ignore – some have even joked that it’s as if he runs on electrical watts. He’ll do what’s best for his clients every time, and he’s always in search of friends … always in search of friends.

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