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Updated on August 6th, 2019
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We’re proud to introduce the new Redfin home details page, which shows the photos, details and history of 35 million U.S. homes, condos, townhomes and land on our site. Our customers spend 65% of their time on this one page, and we managed to increase the size of the photos by 35%, made it easier to get to the core details of a home, and improved page load times an average of 31%. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

New Home Details Page

As our customers know by now, Redfin stops at nothing to make sure our data quality is the best, and we obsess over making sure our customers have access to as much of the same information agents use to list homes or record sale information as we’re able. That said, like a day-old bagel I found under my daughter’s car seat, the previous property page felt (and tasted) stale. It takes a certain bit of crazy to reinvent your most-visited page, but sometimes you have to make bold moves to keep what you love moving forward. It frustrated us to no end when usability tests consistently showed that customers were missing out on detailed property history, tax information, School Attendance Zones, or public records because this information was hiding in plain sight on a jumbled page.

That’s why we didn’t take the design process lightly: it’s the culmination of years of feature requests and feedback from customers, months of in-person usability tests, surveys, and the largest public beta program we’ve ever put together. As this has rolled out, your feedback has already helped us optimize the design for the smaller screens of netbook computers, and convinced us (rightly so) that the map on the page absolutely had to be interactive.

So what’s different on the new page? The most noticeable change is the size of the images – big, beautiful images of the home are front-and-center. We all eat with our eyes, so we’re giving you a second helping of deliciousness. All the same information from the previous page is still there, and the reorganized layout makes it even easier to find the information you can only find on Redfin, like what our Redfin agents thought of a home when they saw it in person. If you decide you’re ready to tour a home, we’ve made it even easier to find the local Redfin agent who can make it happen.

Larger photos: Images are 35% larger, and you can expand it to a full-screen slideshow. Hit the left / right arrow keys to page through them all. (or hit the ‘?’ key to see all keyboard shortcuts)

Photo Slideshow

Keyboard Shortcut List

Completely re-architected page: Loads up to 31% faster and it really screams on mobile browsers.

Easier navigation: An easy-to-navigate menu helps you keep track of where you are on the page and can take you to any section of the page quickly. Just click the section name and go.

Address bar: Core details, such as price, beds, baths, square feet, address and more “lock” to the top of the page as you scroll down, and you’ll always be able to favorite a home as you learn more.

Navigation Bar

Neighborhood map: In real estate, it’s all about Location, Location, Location. We’ve moved the map to the top of the page, so you’ll know as soon as the page loads where a house is located, or how much of the property it takes up. Adjust to satellite mode or zoom in, and we’ll remember your preferences from page to page. It’s the map of your dreams right there as soon as the page loads. One click takes the map full-screen.

Neighborhood Map

Redfin Activity Stats: New Redfin Activity Stats (in the new “Activity” section), will give you a great sense for how many people have Viewed, Favorited, X’d-Out and Toured with Redfin for this particular listing, and across all time. It’s already a feature we find ourselves obsessing about on the homes we’re tracking.

A gigantic thank-you goes out to the engineering, marketing, products and design teams that made this happen. This was truly a company-wide effort, and we’re proud of all the hard work and careful planning that went into it.

We’ve built a helpful guide on how to get the most of the new design, and if you’re interested in some of the groundbreaking new technology we’re using on the new page, please also check out our Dev Blog on the development process. We discuss how we load the different elements of the page in sequence to show content even before the full page has loaded, as well as how we handle the different streams of data simultaneously.

As always, we want to hear what you think: Please share with us what you like best, or any changes you’d like to see. Let us know with your comments below.


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