7 Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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7 Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Candles, check. Flowers, check. Now what? Here are a few easy things you can do to ensure a special Valentine’s date night at home. These ideas will help make February 14th a romantic night to remember.

1. Printed for Two

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Design and print a custom menu that will transform your normal dinner table into a spot that’s way more intimate than any five-star restaurant. Not too crafty? Try these free printable menu templates.

2. Shake it Up

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Since there’s a 100 percent chance that you’ll both be thirsty, why not have something other than just water? Dust off your shaker and add a specialty cocktail or mocktail to your beautiful menu. Here are a few easy recipes.

3. Dress Up (or Down)

Dress Up or Down
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Whether you two take advantage of any excuse to pull out your tuxes or ball gowns, or onesies are more your style, make sure to wear something special.

4. Set the Mood


Craft a thoughtful playlist for the evening. From John Williams to Beyonce, you know your plus one the best, so pick something that will put a smile on their face.

5. Lights Down, Music Up

Living Room

Move the couches aside, crank up the music, and have yourself an at-home dance party (where you two can actually dance like nobody’s watching). Make sure to toss a few slow songs into the mix, DJ Love.

6. Snack Attack

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Movies your thing? Make a special movie theater snack to accompany your flick. Chocolate covered popcorn is a delicious and easy way to go; check out the recipe. Since you already melted the chocolate, why not dip a few strawberries in there, as well?


Image via Martha Stewart

Who said making decorations is just for kids? Here are a few simple decorations anyone can make that will add a few red and pink ❤️s into the mix.

Have any date night tricks of your own? Tell us about your stay-at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas in the comments below or on Twitter @Redfin

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