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4th of July mantel decorations

Five 4th of July Mantel Decorations That Will Make You Feel Proud to Be an American

If Christmas decorations were peanut butter, a fireplace mantel would definitely be jelly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give our mantels some holiday love year-round! The 4th of July provides a perfect opportunity to showcase your festive spirit in shades of red, white and blue, and in honor of the occasion, we’re saluting five of our favorite ideas for 4th of July mantel decorations.

Designers We Adore: Our Conversation with Live Simply

A bona fide professional organizer and simplified living expert, Annie Traurig’s Live Simply blog and business teach the importance of clarifying priorities, acting with intention, and creating a space for beauty, laughter, and ease. We sat down with Annie to chat about the importance of creating balance, how to live simply, and the biggest mistake she sees people make when organizing their homes.

DIY Huntress

Designers We Adore: Our Conversation with DIY Huntress

A PhD student by day and decor enthusiast by night, Sam Raimondi of DIY Huntress knows exactly what it takes to be creative and design-savvy on a DIY budget. We sat down with Sam to get her thoughts on design trends, the celebrity she wishes would follow her on Instagram, and the #1 piece of advice she would give to a new homebuyer.

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