The Second Silicon Valleys

The influx of technology workers will bring more wealth to cities like Portland and Seattle, but also new challenges. We can’t just stick our heads in the sand.

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Mortgage Rate Watch: Does the Fed Matter?

Today we go on mortgage rate watch. We’re a month from the Federal Reserve’s next meeting, where they might decide to raise interest rates for the first time since 2006. Between now and then, let’s check in every week to see what mortgage rates are doing.

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Here’s What’s Happening in Housing News

Europe and Greece are friends again, or at least frenemies, and all eyes are on Fed Chair Janet Yellen. She talks to Congress this week and could offer clues on interest rates. Economic data has been OK, but not great. This week, we’ll get a look at retail sales, inflation, home construction and Pluto.


How empty ATMs in Greece Could Lower Mortgage Rates

Greece is running out of banknotes, China is throwing bundles of cash into its frenzied stock market, and Puerto Rico needs money to pay bills. When the global economy gets chaotic like this, the world’s wealth managers – pension funds, governments, and other big investors – look for a safe place to ride things out.

housing market

… and Here’s The Week in Housing News

Hold on to your tweedy cap. Despite decent jobs data last week, the U.S. economy faces headwinds. Americans are dropping out of the workforce and no one yet knows whether the Greek drama is a tragedy or comedy of errors. There’s China and Puerto Rico to contend with, too. In housing news this week, we get more jobs data, Janet Yellen speaks and Congress will give us a taste of their annual fall spending battle. D.C. gets its own beach for the summer and it might be the only shark-free zone in the city.

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