These Were the 10 Most Favorited Homes Last Week

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These Were the 10 Most Favorited Homes Last Week

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Which homes are making buyers’ hearts go pitter-patter? Here’s a roundup of the ten homes listed between Sept. 11 and 17 that received the most favorites by Redfin users. What is a favorite? Homebuyers searching on the site or mobile app can “favorite” a home by clicking the heart on the listing. This feature lets homebuyers keep track of the homes they are interested in and easily share those homes with their spouse, partner or cobuyer.

Looking at the most favorited homes each week is an unscientific reflection of the neighborhoods, home styles and home prices that are trending now. Plus, it’s a fun excuse for the real estate obsessed (like me) to ogle new properties on the market.

Yet again, nearly all of the top ten homes last week were located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, with one Los Angeles home added for good measure.

The most popular home is a sweet and unassuming Seattle cottage. It’s Green Lake location likely boosted its popularity, gaining it more than 600 “hearts” within its first five days on the market. Cute bungalows and craftsman-style homes abound on the list. See #1, #5, #7, #10.

Outdoor entertaining spaces also helped homes rack up favorites. Both #7 and #8 boast outdoor kitchens.

A few homes that made the list could use updating. #2 is a Midcentury in Campbell, CA that’s a bit dated, but has plenty of space and potential for new owners to make it their own. At just under $1 million, is it crazy to call it a good value for that area? The Silicon Valley market is certainly not for the faint of heart. #9 is another promising home. If you can see beyond the Pepto-pink living room, this home has a great deck and cute little yard.

Which home would you pick?

Rank Address List Pric Square Feet Beds Baths
1 5506 Canfield Place N
Seattle, WA
$595K 1,900 3 2
2 1620 White Oaks Rd
Campbell, CA
$998K 2,065 3 3
3 1566 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA
$1,595K 2,061 3 3
4 251 Fringe Tree Terrace
Sunnyvale, CA
$1,049K 1,783 3 3
5 4132 42nd Ave S
Seattle, WA
$485K 1,450 2 1
6 975 Blazingwood Dr
Sunnyvale, CA
$868K 1,108 3 2
7 6200 Annan Way
Los Angeles, CA
$749K 1,636 3 2
8 84 Cortland Ave
San Francisco, CA
$965K NA 2 1
9 12237 1st Ave NE
Seattle, WA
$389K NA 0
10 6552 7th Ave NW
Seattle, WA
$500K 1,020 2 1
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