Video: The Best Time to Sell Your Home

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Video: The Best Time to Sell Your Home

Redfin, the next generation real estate brokerage, dug through MLS data from the last five years to find the very best time to sell your home.

If money is the main object then listing your home in the spring is your best bet. Redfin found that homes listed in the spring usually see the most competition and higher sales prices. But if you aren’t too worried about getting top dollar, and instead want the property off your hands as soon as possible, think about listing in the fall. Homes typically sell faster when put on the market between September to November.

Homes sell faster if they are listed on a Thursday or Friday, but don’t wait until Friday if you’ve got money on the mind.  Data shows homes sell for more money if they’re listed on Thursdays.

You can view the full report here, which also includes helpful data on whether or not open houses really work and the benefits of professional photography.

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