Why Redfin Agent Keith Thomas Will Be Wearing Red Pants This Month

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Why Redfin Agent Keith Thomas Will Be Wearing Red Pants This Month

Working with a real estate agent is kind of like being in the early stages of dating, before you agree to see each other exclusively. You might have a suspicion that your agent has other clients, but you want to feel like you’re the only one.

Your agent needs to be responsive, available and attentive to your needs, no matter how busy they are. And that’s exactly how the clients of Keith Thomas Jr., a Redfin real estate agent, described him in his review, which earned Keith this month’s “Red Pants Award” for excellent client service.

Keith’s clients were empty-nesters, and were looking for a home that would meet their needs as they entered retirement. They wanted a single-level home with at least four bedrooms, so they could each have an office but have a guest bedroom available for when their daughter came to visit.

But finding a home of that size in their desired area was a challenge. There weren’t a lot of single-level homes on the market, and most of them didn’t have enough space. To make sure they didn’t miss anything, Keith’s clients set up a saved search on Redfin and diligently reviewed the listing alerts that hit their inbox each day. When they spotted a home they liked, they scheduled a tour with Keith.

Then they fell in love with a home, but they weren’t the only ones. Despite making a competitive offer, they were outbid and ultimately did not get it. They were upset when their offer wasn’t chosen, but Keith encouraged them to get back out there and keep looking: There were other fish in the sea.

Real estate agent reviews winnerWhile searching on Redfin a few days later, they found “the one,” and Keith knew they had to move quickly. There was only going to be one open house, and no private showings, which meant interested buyers would be walking around the house together, staring the competition in the face.

Keith attended the open house with his clients and met with the listing agent to learn more about the home and the sellers. The sellers had already made an offer on a home they wanted to buy, but needed to sell their current home first. It was a contingency that Keith’s clients had dealt with before, and Keith made that clear to the sellers.

Keith knew the home was priced attractively and was likely to receive multiple offers. With that in mind, he worked with his clients to submit an offer that was slightly over the asking price, to be competitive. He made it clear to the sellers that his clients would be flexible when it came to timing, and they even offered to let the sellers rent the home until they could move into their new one.

Ultimately, his clients’ offer was chosen, and they paid less than the appraised value of the home. Thanks to his tireless efforts and great communication, Keith received a 10 out of 10 review from his clients:

Keith Thomas is an absolutely first-rate, top drawer real estate agent…diligent, skilled, knowledgeable, and affable. He consistently managed to be available, timely, communicative, and proactive for us. Additionally, Keith was a highly prepared, thoughtfully strategic, and skilled negotiator. Beginning to end, he watched over all details and was tireless in efforts to bring us a satisfying experience and outcome–which he did! We always felt like we were Keith’s only clients, though of course this was not true. And we were never quite sure how Keith pulled this off, but we’re betting it came at significant personal expense, not that he would ever have let us know that. Keith cares, and EVERYTHING is about his clients’ best interests–as your partner, 100% of the time your best interest will be the only factor influencing Keith’s activities and advice, even to his own detriment in terms of time, effort, or his bottom line. It really is all about you and your satisfaction. Keith was definitely the sweet spot of our home buying success…his knowledge, skill, experience, loyalty, ethics, and likability combined to bring us our perfect home, minus unnecessary stress. It just doesn’t get better than Keith Thomas.”

Redfin publishes all of our real estate agent reviews; you can check out this review here. Congrats to Keith for winning this month’s award, and to his clients for finding their dream home!

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home and would like to work with Keith or any other Redfin real estate agent, please get in touch today.

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