Winter Blues to Spring Hues: 19 Flower Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

Updated on August 8th, 2023

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Decorating your apartment with flowers can instantly make it feel like a beautiful and welcoming home. Flowers not only add color and texture to any space, but they also bring a sense of calmness and serenity. From adding a pop of color to your kitchen, brightening up your living room, or creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your apartment with flowers this spring. Whether you’re renting an apartment in Charleston, SC, or a house in Boca Raton, FL, we will explore various tips and tricks for adding floral decor to your apartment that will make your space feel vibrant, fresh, and inviting.

Flowers on a window sil

1. Display stems in smaller rooms or bedside tables

When decorating your apartment with flowers, displaying stems in smaller rooms or on bedside tables can bring beauty to a space. Roses, lilies, or a single tulip stem in a vase can instantly brighten a room.

“Choose flowers that are in sync with the season, hold special meaning, or are varying shades of one color to simplify an arrangement design,” recommends Amy Nebens, Co-founder and Creative Director of Bouquet Box. “Display a few stems in a smaller vase in the bathroom or on a bedside table, or set a larger arrangement as a table centerpiece or in the entryway.”

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2. Place flowers in unexpected places

Rather than simply placing flowers in a vase on a table, consider incorporating them into unexpected areas, such as hanging a small vase on a doorknob, arranging flowers in a bookshelf, or placing them on the edge of a bathtub. This approach can bring a fresh and playful feel to your living space and make your home feel more personalized. 

“Bringing nature right into your home is easy. Place flowers in unexpected places, like dried flowers on a bookshelf or a cluster of vases in the kitchen, and don’t forget the power of a single stem. We also recommend incorporating flowers that have a scent, like lavender or eucalyptus, to bring a delightful aroma,” shares Los Angeles-based Little Finn’s Flowers.

3. Brighten up small corners in your apartment

It’s important to remember that even the smallest corners can benefit from a bit of floral beauty. Brightening up small corners of your apartment with flowers can add color, texture, and life to even the most overlooked spaces.

“A simple bud vase with fragrant flowers, like sweet peas, lilacs, or daffodils, can brighten the corner of your desk, coffee table, or end table and fill your house with fragrance, notes Grow Girl Seattle. “Place bud vases on your bedside table or bathroom to feel like you’re in a luxe hotel.”

Flowers on a window sill

4. Take apart bouquets and spread them throughout your apartment

Bond in Bloom remarks, “When you bring home a bouquet from the farmers market or grocery store, don’t just leave it as is. Take it apart, and have fun arranging it. Wrapped bouquets are often designed to look good looking down at them, but cutting the stems to a length that is proportionate to your vase will make them look better. One bouquet can be broken up and spread throughout your home.”

“One of my favorite ways to decorate with flowers is by starting with a big bundle of blooms and then splitting them up into smaller bud vase arrangements to sprinkle around the house – one for the bathroom, one for the bedside table, one next to the kitchen sink,” adds Little Acre Flowers. “This way, you can experience these little floral moments all throughout your space, and it gives you a chance to practice a bit of mindfulness as you notice the flowers changing a bit every day.”

5. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and change your water daily

“A quick tip we recommend is to keep flowers out of direct sunlight or heat, change the water daily, and give your blooms a fresh cut every time you change the water,” notes Hidden Garden Flowers.

Keeping flowers out of direct sunlight can help prevent them from wilting prematurely and ensure they last longer. Changing the water daily helps keep the flowers hydrated and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause the flowers to wilt or decay.

6. Dry flowers by placing them upside down or pressing them 

Preserving flowers is a great way to make the most out of your floral arrangements and add a long-lasting touch of beauty to your apartment. Two popular methods for preserving flowers are placing them upside down and pressing them. Placing flowers upside down allows them to dry out slowly, preserving their natural shape and color. Pressing flowers involves placing them between two sheets of paper or in a flower press and applying pressure until they are flattened and dried. 

“From bouquets of roses to mixes of wildflowers, create an artistic (and much more permanent) floral installation by preserving flowers upside down or pressing them in a book,” recommends Kevin R. McCarthy, Family Owner, President, and COO of Family Flowers.

“Lacie RZ Porta of Framed Florals shares, “Once fully dry, you can place them back in your vase of choice. The easiest flowers to do this with are baby’s breath, spray roses, grasses, Craspedia, or some lavender.”

Kelsea Olivia, Founder and CEO of East Olivia adds, “Dried flowers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them versatile for different aesthetics and styles. Some of my favorite areas to place them in my home are mantels, coffee tables, shelving units, and desks.”

dried flowers

7. Add lemon and herbs

“Grab a lemon, and add some slices to line the inside of a clear glass vase before adding your fresh-cut flowers. The fresh spring aesthetic will bring warm weather vibes to any space. Also, herbs are not just for cooking. To really elevate cut flowers at home, add in fresh cut mint or sage from your own garden,” recommends Southside Blooms.

8. Consider flowers that match your current decor

Choosing flowers that match the color scheme and style of your living space can create a cohesive and polished look. For example, if your decor features a lot of neutral tones, white or cream flowers such as roses or peonies can add a classic and elegant touch. 

“Head to your local florist or farmer’s market to pick out a selection of your favorite seasonal colors and styles,” says Penelope Pots of Huntington Beach, CA. “Think about finding some that fit your existing decors, like paintings or a color scheme, for a natural integration. You can also mix and match dried and fresh flowers to add a multi-dimensional look.”

9. Consider bud vases

Bud vases come in a variety of shapes and styles, from classic glass to modern ceramic. These small vases are designed to hold a single stem or a small arrangement of blooms and can add a delicate and intimate touch to your living space.

WildFlora shares, “There are endless ways to let interior florals bring vibrancy to your space, but we have a few favorites, including bud vases. Snip a variety of blooms and greenery from the garden and mix different floral combos in bud vases. Place the bud vases in unexpected but highly used areas like a bedside table or bathroom vanity to enjoy while using those rooms.”

Flower arrangement

10. Decorate with flower frog pins

A flower frog pin is a type of pin used in floral arrangements to help hold flowers and stems in place. Decorating with flower frog pins can help keep your floral arrangements looking neat and tidy, preventing the flowers from falling out of place. They can also add an elegant and vintage touch to your decor, making your arrangements look even more beautiful.

“Use flower frog pins to create whimsical and easy arrangements,” remarks Chris of The Bride Candy. “You can find flower pin frogs at your local craft store or online, then choose a shallow vase with a flat base and glue 3 of them in the center. Get different fresh flowers each week, cut the stems to different lengths, and push them into the pin frogs to create airy arrangements that take up a lot of space without using many flowers.”

11. Create a centerpiece for your dining table 

“Flowers can be used to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table or keep it simple with a small bud vase on a side table or by your sink,” notes Native Poppy. “Fresh blooms typically last 5-7 days.”

12. Select flowers with different textures 

Textured flowers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including petals that are smooth, ruffled, or even spiky. By incorporating a variety of textures, you can create a dynamic and eye-catching display. 

Moonflower Design shares, “You can create visual interest by selecting flowers with different textures. One of my favorite combinations is tulips, peonies, and larkspur.”

Floral arrangement

13. Pick a vase or container that complements your color and style

Picking a vase that complements your apartment’s design can help create a cohesive and harmonious look. It can also add a layer of style and sophistication to your decor, making your floral arrangements look even more stunning.

“When arranging your flowers, choose a vase or container that complements the colors and style of your space. A simple glass vase is always a classic choice, but you can also opt for a ceramic or metal container for a more modern look,” shares Fleur d’ Elegance.

14. Forage for branches from outside

Foraging branches from outside your apartment can add a natural and rustic touch to your floral arrangements. It can also be a cost-effective way to add greenery and texture to your decor.

“I love foraging backyard branches and creating pretty arrangements around the house,” remarks Eat Your Flowers by Loria. “Whether that is trimming back my lemon tree and using the small branches to rest inside my larger vases or scattering dried flowers on a side table, natural elements always brighten up a space.”

Bell & Trunk Flowers adds, “When the trees are blossoming, I like to prune a few branches off and bring them inside. Mimosa and cherry blossoms are my favorites. Also, I’ll snip a few fragrant blooms like garden roses and narcissus and put them in vintage medicine bottles that I’ll scatter around the house.”

15. Use floral foam 

Floral foam, also known as oasis foam, is a type of foam that is used in floral arrangements to hold flowers in place. It is made of phenol-formaldehyde plastic foam and is designed to absorb water to keep the flowers hydrated.

“We highly recommend floral foam because it is so easy and keeps your flowers fresh longer, and you can try to place your flowers in a not-so-obvious place. They can be used to make great centerpieces and help your flowers look fuller and stand out,” shares Dreamscape Photography.

16. Select colors and blooms that represent the season

Selecting colors and blooms that represent the season can create a cohesive theme throughout your home decor. 

Anna Noriega of Alore Events alongside Berkeley Florist Supply shares, “If you want to bring a sense of seasonality into your home through flowers, select pastel hues for Spring, bright hues for Summer, bold colors for Fall, and touches of white with evergreen for Winter. Fresh flowers such as roses and Hyacinthus bring a delightful aroma to your home, while dried florals provide an everlasting touch and can be perfect for accenting areas year-long.”

“I like to use colors and blooms that represent the season, notes I Do Flowers For You.  “Fall rust, spring pastels, bright summer colors, and holiday colors in December are some of my favorites.”

Flowers inside

17. Create an outdoor garden

Creating an outdoor garden for your flowers can provide a natural and healthy environment for them to thrive in. It also allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature and the benefits of fresh air and sunlight while tending to your plants.

“Purchase container pots, and begin to forage anywhere you have permission. You can even visit your local grocery store or local florist for fresh materials. Once you have fresh materials, add natural materials to your design. Don’t forget things such as bark, sticks, moss, and stones,” recommends OASIS® Forage Products.

18. Go with sustainable floral decor

“To make your floral decor sustainable, it’s important to choose sources that prioritize sustainability. Consider purchasing blooms from eco-friendly sources or those committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Doing so not only reduces your environmental footprint but also supports a healthier planet,” says

19. Cut stems at a 45-degree angle

ART among the FLOWERS based in Palm Coast, FL notes, “Cut each green stem at a 45-degree angle and place them in the vase crisscrossing each stem to create a nest. This will help keep your flower stems in place once ready to design with flowers. In addition, after you have cut your stem at a 45-degree angle, you have 5 seconds to submerge that stem back in water before it will close up again and not be able to drink water.”

Flowers we love

Phalaenopsis orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as moth orchids, are a popular and elegant type of orchid native to Southeast Asia. They are known for their large, showy blooms that come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Le Boutique Royal says, “The best life-bringing flower to any apartment is the phalaenopsis orchid plant. It has a classy aesthetic, is affordable, and can last a couple of months.”



Kalanchoe is a type of succulent known for its bright and bold colors, making it a popular choice for springtime decoration. Its compact size and low-maintenance nature make it an ideal plant for apartment living. 

Flowers in a circle

Eucalyptus and lavender 

Eucalyptus and lavender are aromatic plants known for their soothing and relaxing properties. Placing them in your shower can help create a spa-like experience, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Inhaling the steam from the shower can also help release the essential oils from the plants, providing a natural and refreshing scent that can leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized.

“Try hanging a swag of dried eucalyptus or lavender from your shower head. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the steam from the shower will also release essential oils for an aromatic, relaxing experience,” notes Christen Fosque, Owner and Lead Designer of Hedonia Flowers.

Lavender in a vase


Succulents are popular choices for apartment decor, especially during the spring season. Succulents are low-maintenance plants that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a versatile choice for any decor style. 

“Consider a nice grouping of succulents in an heirloom ceramic container on a window sill for those that do not like to see blooms fade. Get creative, get funky, and most of all get some flowers,” shares Echo Luna Floral Artist.

A succulent

Tulips and roses

Tulips and roses are classic spring flowers that symbolize love, renewal, and growth. Tulips come in a variety of colors, and their beautiful shape and delicate petals make them a popular choice for springtime decoration. Roses are also a timeless favorite, and their sweet fragrance and colorful blooms can bring an elegant and romantic touch to your apartment decor during the spring season.

Whispers + Honey recommends “Gathering a few stems of tulips with your favorite roses, placing them in a clean empty jar with fresh water, and setting them on your living room coffee table or end table. Take a few extra stems of blooms that you might have left over, and while keeping the stems long, place them in a clear glass vase and set them on your kitchen island for your guests to adore.” 

A lady smelling a rose

Gerbera Daisy 

The Gerbera Daisy is a colorful and vibrant flower that is native to South Africa. It’s available in a wide range of colors, from bright and bold hues to soft pastels. Decorating your apartment with Gerbera daisies during the spring can add a cheerful touch to your space and help create a lively and inviting atmosphere.

“A colorful gerbera daisy bouquet is an amazing way to bring your favorite colors into your space when decorating a cozy apartment,” notes The Flower Bucket.


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