How to Throw a House-Cooling Party Before You Move

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Often, when you move, particularly from one city to another, you’ve got a looooong to-do list and not enough minutes in the day to check them all off. The two most important, and likely competing, objectives? Packing up your current home and saying goodbye to all your beloved friends.

Why not combine the two? With a house-cooling party (essentially the opposite of a house-warming party), you can empty your fridge and bar cart, enlist some loved ones to help you pack (just a little!) and bid them adieu all at once.


Step 1: Spread the word!

Cast a wiiiiiiiide invitation net. This party is a case where the more truly is the merrier.

Step 2: Prepare.

Often, hosts will schedule this party for a couple days (if not the day before) the U-Haul shows up to pack up your stuff. Don’t be overly ambitious with how much packing you and your friends might get done at the party — leave some small, tedious items that can be easily packed over drinks and conversation.

Step 3: Stock your bar a little!

And ask that your guests bring their own mixer. You’ll want to make sure you have enough liquor to serve to your friends, but not too much that you can’t drain the bottles before your move. Not sure where to put all those bottles? Fill your bathtub with ice for an immediate and out-of-the-way cooler!

Step 4: Purchase some paper plates and cups.

This is not the time to whip out your fine china — it should all be packed away by now, anyway! Save yourself some dishwashing and buy some disposable party supplies.

Step 5: Get creative with your food.

Of course, delivery pizza or Thai food is always a safe bet, but you likely have some leftover produce or salad dressings or whatever in your fridge that shouldn’t be wasted. A big self-serve empty-the-fridge salad is a great way to utilize leftovers.

Step 6: Keep it casual.

A little labor is involved with this party, so no need to carefully plan an outfit or decor. Put your guests at ease in your comfiest moving clothes.

Some guests will stay for a drink, while others might even volunteer to stay the night and help with the morning U-Haul load. You’ve got memories to honor within these walls, and a constant flow of people and laughter and goodbyes is a perfect way to end this home’s chapter.

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Alexa Seidl MacKinnon is the Blog + Social Media Manager for Blueprint Registry. Blueprint Registry is an e-commerce platform where couples can shop from a variety of retailers in one location, room by room, utilizing visual floor plans of a home. Blueprint Registry simplifies the shopping experience at important life moments: weddings, babies, new homes, etc.  

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