The 10 Most Caffeinated U.S. Cities

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September 29th is National Coffee Day and to celebrate we found the ultimate cities for coffee lovers!  Whether you have a favorite national chain, or indie cafes are more your style, these will get you the caffeine buzz you crave. What’s better than a holiday dedicated to your morning fix? How about a holiday dedicated to your morning fix and FREE COFFEE. Make sure to keep an eye out in your neighborhood during this java-filled holiday, many coffee shops will be handing out delicious deals.

To identify these coffee capitals, we looked at the 100 largest cities that Walk Score and Redfin serve and found the top 10 with the most coffee shops per capita. We then stirred through the data to see how many of these coffee shops in each city are indie cafes versus large chains. (We defined large coffee chains as those with 30 or more retail locations.) We then tracked down the ZIP code with the most coffee shops per capita in each city and calculated their median home price. Just for fun, we calculated how many lattes it would take to buy a home in that ZIP (using $4 as the average latte price). Grab your favorite cup of joe and sip through our top 10 list of cities with the most coffee shops per capita:

1. San Francisco, CA

Coffee Shops: 1,062 (Indie Coffee Shops: 910; Large Coffee Chains: 152)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 94111
Median Home Price in 94111: $1,350,000 (337,5000 lattes)

A macchiato from Blue Bottle Cafe, one of the most popular California-started coffee chains / Image via Wikimedia Commons

2. Seattle, WA

Coffee Shops: 843 (Indie Coffee Shops: 670; Large Coffee Chains: 173)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 98101
Median Home Price in 98101: $650,000 (162,500 lattes)

Starbucks’ first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market / Image via Starbucks

3. Portland, OR

Coffee Shops: 737 (Indie Coffee Shops: 600; Large Coffee Chains: 137)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 97205
Median Home Price in 97205: $388,800 (97,200 lattes)

Stumptown Coffee Roasters cafe in Portland, Oregon / Image via Wikimedia Commons

4. Oakland, CA

Coffee Shops: 274 (Indie Coffee Shops: 230; Large Coffee Chains: 44)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 94612
Median Home Price in 94612: $650,000 (162,500 lattes)

Timeless Coffee is a small cafe in Oakland that roasts their coffee in small batches by hand / Image via Timeless Coffee

5. Pittsburgh, PA

Coffee Shops: 250 (Indie Coffee Shops: 171; Large Coffee Chains: 79)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 15222
Median Home Price in 15222: $365,000 (91,250 lattes)

Part floral and art gallery, part coffee bar, 4121 Main sits in the center of Pittsburgh / Image via 4121 Main

6. Paradise, NV

Coffee Shops: 234 (Indie Coffee Shops: 124; Large Coffee Chains: 110)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 89119
Median Home Price in 89119: $119,900 (29,975 lattes)

Enjoy live music with your brew at The Beat Coffeehouse / Image via The Beat Coffeehouse

7. Salt Lake City, UT

Coffee Shops: 136 (Indie Coffee Shops: 104; Large Coffee Chains: 32)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 84101
Median Home Price in 84101: $275,000 (68,750 lattes)

Printing press turned solar-powered coffee shop, Publik Coffee is one of SLC’s most popular coffee establishments / Image via Publik Coffee

8. New Orleans, LA

Coffee Shops: 243 (Indie Coffee Shops: 202; Large Coffee Chains: 41)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 70112
Median Home Price in 70112: $404,900 (101,225 lattes)

A New Orleans landmark, Cafe Du Monde is known for their world famous café au lait and beignets / Image via flickr

9. Minneapolis, MN

Coffee Shops: 310 (Indie Coffee Shops: 216; Large Coffee Chains: 94)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 55401
Median Home Price in 55401: $295,000 (73,750 lattes)

Buy bikes and brews at Minneapolis’s hybrid bike and coffee shop, Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar / Image via Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar

10. Tacoma, WA

Coffee Shops: 144 (Indie Coffee Shops: 103; Large Coffee Chains: 41)
ZIP w/ Most Coffee Shops Per Capita: 98402
Median Home Price in 98402: $307,000 (76,750 lattes)

Bluebeard’s spacious mid-century modern cafe makes for a great place to enjoy your favorite handcrafted beverage / Image via Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Do you prefer to grab your morning pick-me-up from a local coffee shop or a chain? The below map highlights which parts of the U.S. have more local coffee shops and more large chains per capita. View more coffee data and visualizations in our Viz of the Week post.

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