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Cautious Optimism For Real Estate from Agents: Redfin's Real-Time Agent Survey

Updated on October 6th, 2020

Never content to sit around twiddling our thumbs, earlier this year we set out to supplement the broad real estate market insights we produce every month in our Real-Time Home Price Tracker and Real-Time Demand Pulse, adding even more depth with the introduction of our quarterly home buyer and seller surveys. Now, to complete the trifecta, we are proud to introduce the inaugural Redfin Real-Time Agent Survey.
Real estate agents surveyed by Redfin:

  • See now as a good time to buy a home more often than a good time to sell one: 75% of agents surveyed described now as “a good time to buy,” while only 54% described it as “a good time to sell.”
  • Mostly expect price gains to be modest: Only 11% of agents expect home prices to “rise a lot” in the next year. The vast majority—76%—expect prices to “rise a little.”
  • Are feeling the pinch of low inventory and multiple offers: 90% of agents indicated that low inventory was one of the most common challenges facing buyers, and 91% pointed to multiple offers.
  • Are seeing both buyers and sellers gaining confidence in the market: 85% of agents agreed that buyers are becoming more confident about the market, and 84% agreed that sellers are becoming more confident.
  • Have hope for future of the real estate profession: 59% of agents believe that the real estate profession will grow in size in the next five years, 30% believe it will remain the same, and just 11% see more declines in the future.

For the full report including data tables and charts, visit the Real-Time Market Sentiment in Redfin’s Research Center.


Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis has been analyzing the real estate market since 2005, and worked at Redfin as a housing market analyst from 2010 through 2013 and again starting in 2018. In his free time, he runs the independently-operated Seattle-area real estate website Seattle Bubble, and produces the "Dispatches from the Multiverse" improvised comedy sci-fi podcast.

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