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Redfin’s iPhone and iPad App Goes Native

Updated on October 5th, 2020

Redfin’s mobile real estate apps team has been firing on all cylinders, burning the proverbial midnight oil, working non-proverbial nights and weekends. The upshot is that we’ve released an upgrade today to our iPad App and our iPhone App that will give you faster access to even more beautiful home detail pages. It comes down to three words: native URL handling.

Now, anywhere there’s a link to a Redfin web page (in Instant Update emails and search results, for example), you can open them directly in the Redfin app. You’re one tap away from seeing all the information about the home and the huge photos in a format that’s tailored to your iPhone or iPad. You don’t need to copy/paste between applications, or use your mobile browser.

With the new version of the app, you can receive an Instant Update about a new home that just hit the market, tap on the link in the email and in a couple of seconds, you’re seeing details and big, beautiful images of a home that was just listed for sale.

Here’s what that looks like in three steps:

1. You receive the email and tap on the link to the home you want to see.

Email Alert from Redfin

2. Choose to open the link in the Redfin app.

Opening with iOS App

3. You’re among the first to see this newly listed home, and you’re seeing it in a format that’s made for your mobile device.

Real Estate Listing iPad View

But wait…there’s more!

  • Sync with AirPlay: When you combine the latest iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Redfin’s iOS app, AirPlay wirelessly extends your screen to show details and a full-screen slideshow of any home, even while you’re searching the map and looking at details of the home.
  • Retina-display previews: If you have one of the latest iPads, you’ll appreciate having preview images that are worthy of that beautiful screen.
  • Open house sorting: Turn your iPad or iPhone into a house-hunting machine, and sort open houses by which are happening soonest.
  • Improved stability: Crashes stink, so we hunted down the sources and fixed as many as we could find.

Customers have been asking for some of these improvements since we launched the first iPhone app two years ago, and we really wanted to take the time to get the experience right. We hope you’ll agree they were worth the wait.

What should the next version of our mobile apps include that they don’t already? Leave us a comment and we’ll make sure our mobile team adds it to their to-do list.

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