5 Things Every Type A Personality NEEDS in Their Home

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5 Things Every Type A Personality NEEDS in Their Home

If you have a Type A personality, you know EXACTLY who you are. You’ve probably already made a list of character traits that make you Type A because, let’s be honest, you LOVE making lists. So, here’s another list for your organized pleasure! We’re sure you’ll let us know if we missed anything.

1. A Clock

Since the typical Type A individual hates nothing more than wasting time, they absolutely need to have a clock. Heck, put one in every room so they can be constantly reminded of how ON TIME they always are. Check out this awesome minimalist design on Amazon for $80. We found this time gem on a list of 50 other wall clocks that are sure to impress.

Type A must have

2. A Calendar

Speaking of being on time, Type A people are freaks of nature when it comes to remembering things like birthdays or special occasions, so these guys really need a calendar. You know you’re Type A if you’re always the first one to give a gift or send a birthday card. We found a list of the best wall calendars of 2016 from Apartment Therapy. You can find this pretty pastel one on Etsy for $26.

Type A must have

3. A To-Do List

It’s not enough to have just a calendar in a Type A abode, these guys need a prominently displayed to-do list at all times. No refrigerator would be complete without a spot for this person to list out every detail to remember for that day. You can find this simple and handy to-do notebook on Amazon for $4.18 a book.


4. Relax Regimen

With all of this planning and scheduling, it can be hard for these busy-brains to fall asleep. Every Type A should really invest in a good pillow, a calming lavender scented candle and some noise canceling curtains (for any Type A living in an area as noisy as their thoughts!). Good Housekeeping listed this pillow on their best pillow list. You can find it on Bed, Bath & Beyond for just $19.99!

Type A must have

5. Meal Prep Items

Every Type A personality probably planned every day for the rest of the year starting on January 1st, and that’s including what they are going to eat for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. This is why every Type A should have some serious food prep items like food travel containers and a great travel mug to carry with them to and from all of their appointments. These nifty and stackable containers can be found on Amazon for $14.95. They’re microwavable and safe for both the freezer and the dishwasher!

Type A must have

6. Games

You might think that anyone with a Type A personality is all work and no play, but that’s just not true! These guys love solving problems and they certainly have fun doing it. Every Type A should have a few brain-teasing games in the house, because problem solving is naturally relaxing to these folks. You can find this Super Scrabble edition on ToysRUs for $24.99.

Type A must have


Did you already make a list of the things we forgot? Let us know in the comments below or shout them out to us on Twitter @Redfin

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