7 Stylish Ways to Hide Your Trash Cans

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7 Stylish Ways to Hide Your Trash Cans

Combining fashion and function is not always easy, especially when it comes to home design.  And controlling the appearance and odor of your trash can is a particularly tricky and ongoing challenge. Yet, there are plenty of clever ways to hide these necessary containers while keeping them accessible for daily tasks. Whether you’re working in a larger and more versatile space or taking a DIY approach in an intimate apartment, here are eight smart ways to blend your trash area with your home design.

1. Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers

Pull out cabinet drawer

One classic way to sneak a trash can into your kitchen is to work with the existing architecture of the room. A track installed inside a cabinet or drawer keeps the can right beside you while cooking but still stays out of the way. Consider placing garbage and recycling bins side by side to keep everything in one place. This pull-out cabinet option is also a great way to mask odors without having to lift a lid.

2. Tilted Drawers

A slightly easier-to-install option is the tilted drawer design. With a little DIY assistance, cabinets mask the garbage pail in a similar method as the pull-out cabinet while still taking up minimal space. You may also consider altering free-standing pieces of storage for this purpose—it is an excellent reason to upcycle an old sideboard or dresser.

3. Kitchen Carts

The already versatile kitchen cart offers an additional purpose. On top of adding food prep and storage space, many kitchen carts also include a lower cupboard with room for a garbage pail.  This allows you the freedom to place the garbage pail in the most convenient spot for cooking and cleaning, all the while keeping odors away from prime gathering areas. It also opens up your options to personalize the kitchen’s design—perhaps by adding a country chic or rustic flair while keeping things functional.

4. Wicker Baskets

wicker basket

One of the simplest ways to spruce up your garbage area without making a major change is by placing your garbage can in a large wicker basket. This is an excellent excuse to upcycle an old hamper or toy basket, keeping cost and carbon footprint down at the same time. Be sure to choose a basket with an easy-to-open lid to ensure quick access when bustling around the kitchen. It’s also much easier to add personal flair or fun signs to wicker baskets if you choose.

5. Hanging Trash Cans

Trashcans that hook onto the inside of a cabinet or door are a fantastic method for saving space and keeping garbage out of sight. Smaller apartments specifically benefit from this method, as it works with existing storage areas opposed to eating up a corner or valuable wall space. This method is perfect for a bathroom or office as well—smaller baskets can hook into areas below the sink or inside large desks.

6. Lattice or Trellis

There are also plenty of options for sprucing up the outside of your home. Sheltering your garbage area increases curb appeal and improves practical usage of space. Consider choosing a corner or area on the side of your home to install a small walled-in trash area, either via a lattice or trellis fixture. This serves as an extension of your homes design, while blocking off the area to children playing in the backyard or to a large gust of wind. This design also acts as a continuation of your home’s style.

7. Plants

Plants hiding trash

In a similar theme as building a lattice or trellis, consider placing a variety of shrubbery around your designated garbage area or by beautifying the area with hanging plants and ivy. This way, your trash area will blend in with your garden while keeping the area neat and pleasant.

An unsightly but necessary part of your home, trash cans can be easily worked into the aesthetic of your house with a little ingenuity. Doing so will not only improve the appearance of these areas but also welcome a calmer atmosphere to the most-used areas of your space.

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