The Bathroom Design in these 10 Homes Are So Luxurious, You’ll Want to Live in Them


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From chandelier lit vanities, to 360 degree bathing experiences, grab a bottle of bath bubbles and–soak–up these gorgeous bathroom design ideas.


Some dads call them their office, many public options should be avoided at all costs, and other outposts are so nice they rival beauty parlors.

We’re talking about the bathroom. According to a UK study, British adults spend an average of three hours and nine minutes on the toilet each week, which adds up to just shy of a week each year. And while we don’t know how different those stats are here in the U.S., we can imagine it’s at least somewhat similar.

In fact, Redfin did once find that when it comes to toilets, certain cities top the porcelain throne. Indeed bathrooms are a serious piece of the real estate market, and the research determined there were 83 toilets per 100 residents across the 37 markets surveyed, with Boulder earning the most residential toilets per person–more than actual people. And so, we’re feeling a newfound appreciation for homes offering a more covetable commode, with washrooms so nice, you’d view them as a bona fide extra room, rather than mere necessity.

From serene spa-like finishes in Colorado, to spacious powder rooms larger than this NYC-based writer’s entire apartment outside Vegas, we’re rounding up a sampling of Redfin listings with luxurious baths you’ll soon be lusting after–and could single-handedly live in. Oh, and it would help to have a few million dollars, too–bathrooms are the new luxury.


661 Du Fort Ave

Henderson, NV
List price: $1,295,0000
Larger than most bedrooms, this expansive bath is lined with smooth tile housing an expansive walk-in shower and deep soaking bath. There’s also a built in vanity area and ample room for, well, anything at all–it’s huge!

19612 Rangeland Rd

Ramona, CA
List price: $3,250,000
See this room? It’s a shower. Let that sink in. Knobs at all angles ensure a nearly 360 degree rainfall shower experience, and if you’d prefer a soak, the tub appears to double as an altar. Each offering has its own room within the larger bathroom for a bathroom that’s also essentially an apartment.

19362 Fisher Ln

North Tustin, CA
List price: $2,444,888
This luxurious home features a fusion of Tuscan design with Asian styling known as “Siheyuan,” signifying wealth and prosperity. It’s highly evident in this gorgeous bathroom with a spa shower, jacuzzi tub, and a flat screen TV for pure indulgent relaxation.

2755 Clairemont Dr

San Diego, CA
List price: $2,250,000
We didn’t know we needed floor-to-ceiling windows leading to a terrace in our shower until we spotted this San Diego property with an ultra modern edge. Gleaming white marble completes what feels like a sparkling upscale spa retreat.

1710 N Adams St

Arlington, VA
List price: $2,090,000
We dare you to take a look at this picture and not immediately imagine a tub filled with bubbles while watching a sunset, or hiding away from a cold winter’s day. Double designer sinks make it functional, yet super stylish.

27914 SE 24th Way

Sammamish, WA
List price: $1,768,000
If you’re looking for cozy, this is it, full stop. A tub AND a fireplace, with gorgeous windows overlooking lush Washington greenery and mountains? There’s also a double vanity and minimalist palette that sings, ‘serenity now.’

9317 Midway Rd

Dallas, TX
List price: $1,745,000
We have a hunch that in the years to come, all bathrooms will look this glam. Likely because this Dallas bath boasts a super futuristic feel reminiscent of a sci-fi flick with radiant flooring, motion-activated ambient light, and glass panels on a jetted tub.

4155 N Oakley Ave

Chicago, IL
List price: $1,199,000
This glass-enclosed shower with multiple rainfall shower heads and adjacent tub feels like it belongs in a picturesque country home. And yet, it’s found within a modern Chicago townhome, for a true urban oasis.

6823 Alpine Trl

Eden Prairie, MN
List price: $1,190,000
Finally, the claws we’ve been waiting for. This stand-alone clawfoot tub set amid a twinkling chandelier and multi-vanity is positively regal. As part of the master suite, there’s also a sitting room and sauna for ultimate bliss. Grab a bottle from the gigantic wine cellar, fill up the tub, and play favorites with this top room of the house.

1289 Sarah Ct

Highlands Ranch, CO
List price: $1,100,000
This entire home is immaculate, but it’s the pristine bathroom that makes our jaw drop. With clean lines and a soothing palette of white marble and black accents, this is the kind of bathroom we associate with swanky five star hotels. Just add a few fluffy white towels, and you’re good to go.\


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