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Updated on November 15th, 2023

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As we approach the cusp of 2024, the world of interior design is brimming with exciting possibilities and new trends that promise to transform living spaces in both bustling cities like New York and serene retreats like Virginia Beach. Design experts are forecasting a year that celebrates the cozy embrace of nature blended seamlessly with modern aesthetics. Prevailing themes revolve around the harmonious fusion of nature’s gentle embrace with living spaces that captivates the senses and elevates our daily lives.

This Redfin article on interior design trends invites us to the new New Year’s lifestyle where organic and the modern converge, where every corner becomes an inviting sanctuary, and where innovation and tradition can exist in one room. 

interior design and style predictions 2024

1. It’s all about feeling cozy

“My prediction for 2024 is natural elements mixed with modern design,” suggests Jason Lai from JL Interiors. “Using Biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and living walls/plants will bring the outdoors in. While mixing modern design it should not feel stark, the new terminology will be cozy.

How do you do that? Mix elements such as wallpaper (Grasscloth/wicker), wood beams, wood elements, linen fabric, bamboo flooring, concrete (if budget allows) or concrete looking tiles with flat panel, modern, cabinet fronts. I’m predicting this trend because 2024 is all

about mixing designs. It’s no longer following any rules, it’s all about what makes you feel good when living in your space.

The challenges with this trend would be moving into a move-in ready home. Most developers don’t hone in on what makes the space feel good, but everything can be saved with the right interior designer that listens to their clients and provides a creative way to implement these trends.”

new trendy home design from JL Interiors

Courtesy of JL Interiors

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2. Out with gray and in with natural, earthy colors

“In the coming year, interior design is embracing a more relaxed and personal approach,” says Homestead Interiors. “After a decade of the reign of gray, we’re welcoming color and earthy tones back into our homes, think natural greens and beige but cleaner than the 2000’s yellow/pink beige palette. Vintage and heirloom pieces are finding new life, seamlessly blended with contemporary styles for a fresh yet nostalgic feel. 

The trend leans towards simplicity, as people seek to declutter while injecting more style, all while maintaining a personalized cozy atmosphere. Antiques shops, thrift stores, and online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace are taking a prominent seat at the design table, offering affordable and diverse options for decorating with personality.”

3. What makes you feel at home trends above everything else

“With a focus on mental health and wellness, many of us have realized the benefits of being connected more with nature and creating a sanctuary at home. I hear the word “cozy” more often with my clients,” mentions Melissa Hoffmann Interiors. “Everyone wants a design that helps make their home feel complete, but that is also functional for how they live. Design trends are reflecting that also, as we move towards layering earth tones like creams and tans mixed with natural blues and greens. 

If you’re looking around your space, think about layering some of these mediums, such as glass decoratives, a soft blanket on a leather sofa, picture it near a limestone fireplace and wooden side table. Don’t forget to add some plants as well. Comfortable, organic shapes are being seen in décor including light fixtures, and even curved chairs and sofas. This also gives way to subtle arch shapes in mirrors and interior doorways. Mixing some of these rounded elements with geometric shapes like a square coffee table or geometric artwork, can give visual appeal to your space. 

Invest in large statement pieces that speak to you, I say the bigger, the better, like a chandelier over your dining table or a large ceramic vase you can use year-round with various flowers or branches. What’s most important is that your space is surrounded by the details you love and that feel like home, which is trending above anything else.”

living room designed by Melissa Hoffmann Interiors

Courtesy Melissa Hoffmann Interiors

4. Sustainability and technology continues to take shape

“In 2024, I anticipate that interior design will embrace eco-friendliness, driven by heightened environmental awareness,” suggests Dapper Digs by Lucy, as recommended by “Sustainability takes center stage, mirroring trends seen in other consumer choices. This shift prioritizes recycled materials, energy-efficient design, upcycled and locally sourced furnishings to reduce carbon footprints. A nostalgic nod to the past is set to manifest in the form of retro touches, infusing spaces with timeless charm. Expect a continued appreciation for the authenticity of natural materials and textures, connecting interiors with the soothing embrace of the outdoors. ‘Dopamine decor’ is poised to take root, as homeowners seek environments that foster emotional well-being through clever design choices with mood-enhancing colors and elements.

The pandemic’s influence, with its increased remote work and home-based activities, has significantly reshaped our relationship with our living spaces. Particularly, individuals in smaller accommodations have felt the greatest impact. The demands of working, exercising, and socializing from home have shifted priorities. Even with remote workers beginning to return to traditional workplaces, they still favor flexibility, comfort, and tranquility from their work-from-home spaces. 

I anticipate that as we begin to interact more with AI-based technologies (such as smart lighting and AI-driven virtual assistants), our domestic, work, and social environments will require a technology layer to be built into the fabric of our homes. Concealed or aesthetically pleasing smart speakers, routers, and control panels will need to be considered into every design in the future if we are to visually, and therefore emotionally, remove ourselves from ‘The Matrix.’ These innovations offer ultimate convenience, ease, and energy efficiency through simple commands.”

interior design collage made by Dapper Digs by Lucy

Courtesy of Dapper Digs by Lucy

5. Colors will evoke emotion and wellness

“2024 is evolving into a year that will bring back a Kaleidoscope of color,” shares Elle Designs. “Gone are the days of seeing grey color palettes everywhere you turn. Society is craving a bolder palette, infused with colors that will provoke emotion, in a happy environment. These palettes will be composed of not only paint colors, they will include a mixture of textures with patterned fabrics, graphic wall tiles, and a rainbow of wallcovering options. Incorporating Smart Home Technology & Green Design will continue to grow in Residential Design. The Home is a safe place for retreat, recharge, and escape the grind of the world.”

Elle Designs bold color scheme porch

Courtesy of Elle Designs

6. Accessibility, functionality, and organization will shape home designs

“First, home organization is poised to be a top trend, with innovations like ShelfGenie leading the change,” Kylie Lockett, Owner and Principal Designer of Oxford Avenue Design informs us. “These customizable solutions cater to a broad audience, making our living spaces more functional and accessible, which is especially crucial as generations age.

Wellness-oriented design is another burgeoning trend, extending beyond the commercial healthcare sector to transform our homes into havens of holistic well-being. The increasing awareness of the connection between trauma and the physical environment, coupled the embrace of mental health awareness, underscores the vital role interior design plays in promoting emotional and physical wellness.

Short-term rental design is set to create a dynamic housing landscape, offering spaces that are not just beautiful but functional for transient living.

And expect to see an infusion of warm brown tones, creating cozy, inviting atmospheres. With the rise of remote work, home office design is evolving to meet the demands of the modern professional.

7. Dopamine decor will the replace 2023’s stagnant palette

“I think 2024 is the year of color. Specifically, Dopamine Colors,” says Hill House Design. “A shift away from all white has been evolving to colors that evoke joy and creativity. Bold hues of oranges and yellows, especially blues and greens are gaining huge popularity. Especially when they’re paired with vintage pieces that lend to a very curated look. Wallpaper will still be an attention grabber but smaller prints and metallic papers will outshine overly large patterns.

“Organic materials, such as natural stones, woods, and concrete, will continue to lead the way in kitchens and bathrooms. All-white kitchens, although still classic, will be seen less in remodels and new builds. The addition of vibrant backsplashes or a ‘pop of color’ in kitchen islands will spark interest where the classic all-white usually falls a little flat. Zellige tile will continue to be a top pick for kitchens and bathrooms for its organic look and ability to add texture to an area that sometimes lacks interest. Finally, modular furniture is making waves with its functionality and comfort. When it comes to furniture, consumers are embracing a more lived-in look over the upright backs and straight lines of some traditional pieces.”

8. Connection is key

“I believe people are searching for comfort in their homes. We spent a large portion of time hibernating within our walls during Covid which made people reconsider how they function within their space and how it makes them feel. People want to feel connected again,” explains Kristin Ann Interior Design.

“I believe we are entering an era of a warmer palette that makes us feel more cozy. Gray has always been here and will always be here, but people seem to be gravitating to shades of white, cream, hints of lighter taupe/beige, light stained woods in flooring and cabinetry, as well as incorporating more greenery and earth elements. On the darker side, black has been more present in terms of home exteriors with gutters, windows, and doors.

In addition I am seeing more charcoal gray, such as iron ore by Sherwin Williams, in interior accents and exteriors. In terms of function, home offices have become more permanent within many residences and people are investing more in their space to tie it into the aesthetics of their home. Pops of color are certainly not going away despite the draw to light and airy. Homeowners are showing comfort in being more bold with tile in choosing unique and fun patterns. Warm minimalism will be very popular in the coming year promoting simplicity, functionality, comfort, and style.”

Kristin Anne Interior Design living room

Courtesy of Kristin Ann Interior Design

9. New finishes and styles are appearing

“While shaker door styles will remain popular, other recessed panel doors and raised panel doors will cut into the previous popularity of the shaker door style,” shares Paul McAlary from Main Line Kitchen Design. “At its height shaker door styles accounted for 70% of all cabinetry sales. Shaker cabinetry accounting for only half of all sales would not surprise me in 2024.

While painted white and off white finishes will remain popular, other colors like navy blue and lighter blues, grays, dark and light greens, and light stains will grow in popularity. Glazing will also increase in popularity. At its height whites and off-whites accounted for 75% of all cabinetry sales. 50% or less in 2024 would be a good guess.

While engineered quartz countertops will remain the most popular countertop material, granite, quartzite, soapstone and other natural and countertops, along with other man made materials like Dekton and Corian will gain in popularity. At its height engineered quartz accounted for almost 90% of all countertops. 75% by the end of 2024 would be a good guess.”

main line kitchen design

Courtesy of Main Line Kitchen Design

10. Texture reemerges

“In 2024, interior design is set to witness a resurgence of texture as a prominent design element,” says Modern Hill Mid-Century Modern Furniture Warehouse. “This revival comes as a response to the minimalist and sleek aesthetics that have dominated in recent years, with predictions suggesting that we are leaving behind the era of sterile, monochromatic spaces. Smooth and featureless surfaces are expected to go out of style as designers and homeowners embrace the tactile and visual richness offered by textures. Sustainable furniture such as vintage and textured wall panels, are set to play pivotal roles next years design trends. We have also seen brutalist furniture becoming increasingly popular which we think will continue in 2024 as well.

This shift towards texture is rationalized by a growing desire for spaces that evoke warmth and character. The pandemic has made people more appreciative of their living environments, pushing them to seek comfort and a sense of connection with nature. This trend is influenced by the growing environmental consciousness, as people increasingly opt for eco-friendly materials and textures inspired by the natural world. Cultural factors also come into play, with a renewed interest in traditional craftsmanship and the art of handmade textures.”

modern hill mid century furniture brutalist design dresser

11. 2024 has an emphasis on sustainability

“Next year, we see design moving towards simplicity and sustainability,” says Mediaboom. “With more people valuing experiences over things, designs will be clean, functional, and eco-friendly. The influence of nature will be strong, bringing a calming and versatile touch to spaces. The biggest challenge will be finding green materials that look great and last. But this also means exciting times for designers, as we explore new, innovative ways to blend style with sustainability.”
mediabloom image of modern luxury living room
Courtesy of Mediaboom

12. Gold is back

“As we journey into 2024, the world of interior design is set to dazzle with a sumptuous and opulent trend – the resurgence of gold,” shares  Bodaq Interior Film Wrap. “Gold is back in vogue, harmonizing seamlessly with the broader fashion trends in colors. Its soft shimmer brings nobility and comfort to interior designs, evoking an aura of elegance and opulence. Gold is no longer confined to metallic accents on furniture; it’s now an integral part of decor, adding a touch of sophistication to living spaces.”

 Bodaq Interior Film Wrap gold design

Courtesy of Bodaq Interior Film Wrap

13. Mid-Century Modern and wallpaper is coming back strong

“The big design trend here in in my area is statement wallpaper in bedrooms and bathrooms,” suggests H3K Design. “Wallpaper can instantly give a room personality, drama, and texture. I also see a much more eclectic approach to designing Mid-Century Modern (MCM) interiors emerging, veering away from period-perfect rooms that lack soul. I’m mixing in other styles such as Asian, African, and Bohemian with the MCM designs to create a warmer, more authentic vibe. I’m also seeing the return of the enclosed kitchen – people like the idea of having a separate kitchen that’s not open to other areas of the house. In such a social house party scene as Palm Springs, our clients are appreciating a kitchen where you can’t see the dirty dishes from the living room.

For those of you interested in a Mid-Century Modern style look, it’s important to keep in mind furniture scale. This applies especially to purchasing furniture online without seeing it in person. So many upholstered pieces can look good in photos, but when they show up at your home, they are either too small or too big. I also see a lot of furniture out there that gets the MCM silhouette all wrong – puffy and overstuffed upholstery and chunky legs are a big no-no.”

14. Bring nature into your space with art

“With calm hues and relaxing environments being strong for 2024, nature-themed art has a huge impact on how we feel in our space,” says Angela Cameron from Angela Cameron Fine Art. “Nature art gives us a feeling of relaxation, recharging you in your space with an emphasis on wellness. Art selection says something about you and how you live your best life and can have a positive impact on the overall feel and expression of how you live. Warm tones of green, blue, and orange are popular with nature-based artwork that connects you to the outdoors all year long. Art subject matter of nature includes: foliage (grass, leaves, trees) and also water-focused artwork (seascapes and ocean vistas) are all great options.

Nature art does not need to be too literal. Abstract nature art is more current while still bringing natural color and style to your home in a modern way. When designing your space for 2024, consider starting with the art selection first. Let the art you love be the direction for the whole room. Calming nature art presented with a modern abstract style will be a timeless addition for many years to come.”

Angela Cameron Fine Art in living room

Courtesy of Angela Cameron Fine Art

15. Minimalistic aesthetics

“Based on recent demands and insights gathered from 3D models and textures requested for our Roomtodo catalog, it’s evident that there is a trend towards minimalist aesthetics and large textures,” says Rodion Shalashenko from Roomtodo. “A notable trend surfacing strongly is a minimalistic approach with clean lines. Interior design is embracing the concept of hiding unnecessary details, fostering a sense of sleekness and uncluttered spaces. Hidden installation doors, concealed cornices, concealed plinths, push-to-open systems for cabinets, and discreet handles are becoming the norm, in line with the philosophy of simplicity.”

Roomtodo simplistic living room design

Courtesy of Roomtodo

16. 2024 is the year of color

“Recent trends in interior design illustrate what I would call “quiet luxury,” embracing a soft and subtle approach to color,” suggests Sue O’Connell at Sue O’Connell Architectural Color Consulting. “It’s no wonder—aren’t we all looking for a little more calm and comfort in our lives? Headlines announcing “The 2024 Color of the Year” reveal that leaders in the paint industry have, by no coincidence, selected variations on restrained shades of blue as their favorite hue. This mirrors a similar movement incorporating wellness into design. Blue has always been associated with the concept of healing. Colors such as “Upward,” a gentle pastel by Sherwin Williams, and the softly saturated “Blue Nova” by Benjamin Moore reflect paint trends that yield a soothing environment for any style of interior design. No doubt, the color blue will remain a powerful influence in 2024.”

Interior painting by Sue O'Connell

Photo by Mike Casey

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