Designers We Adore: Our Conversation with The Girl Creative

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Diana of The Girl Creative is all about embracing a laid-back, simple family life. This loving mom of three and wife to a dedicated police officer loves to create and share, particularly her ideas on
DIY home décor, sewing projects, and tasty recipes! We sat down with Diana to learn more about her design style, the DIY project inspired by her children, and the one pop star she wishes would follow her on social media.

the girl creative

On your blog, you talk a lot about embracing a laid-back and simple life with your family. What three words would you choose to define how you fit this attitude into your decorating style?
Simple, cozy, and functional!

Speaking of functional spaces, tell us about your favorite room in your home:
My favorite room in my house is my bathroom. We remodeled it about six years ago and I still love it today. It has dark chocolate tiles on the floor, espresso colored fixtures and custom shelving.

We love that you are still so happy with the remodel six years later! Being a DIY blogger, we know you are constantly having to change and repurpose rooms and items in your home. How do you come up with new ideas and find inspiration for so many projects?
A lot of times I get inspired by what I see other bloggers doing. I have a few favorites whose design style I love, so when I’m needing some inspiration I head over to their blog for ideas.

You mentioned having a few favorite bloggers in terms of design aesthetic and style. If you could swap houses with any other blogger or designer, who would you choose and why?
That’s a really tough question! There are a few that come immediately to mind: House of Rose, House of Smiths, The 36th Avenue and I Heart Nap Time. I’m consistently in love with their style.

designers we adore
Gallery wall by ‘The 36th Avenue’

You have so many great projects on on your blog, but which DIY project has been your favorite to-date?
My favorite DIY project to-date is a lemonade stand my husband and I built last summer. It came out exactly as I had pictured it (which rarely happens!) and my kids loved it!

the girl creative

What’s the best note or comment you’ve received from a reader?
I’m very fortunate that I get a ton of nice comments. They are all my favorite!

Okay, time for a little bit of pop culture fun! Name one person or celebrity who you wish followed you on Instagram.
Wow! Another really tough question! Maybe Taylor Swift or Wentworth Miller (if he had Instagram, ha ha!).

You’ve been living in your 1950s cape-style home for several years now. Speaking from experience, what is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who just purchased their first home?
Take your time doing projects and renovations. Do your research and try to pay cash as much as possible. If you think you might add on or finish a basement or garage, do that first before any other projects because that will cost the most. You’ll have plenty of time to tackle other things like a kitchen, bathroom, deck, etc.

the girl creative
Spring Mantel decorated by ‘The Girl Creative’

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