Dinner Party: 9 Ideas for Displaying Art in Your Kitchen

July 15, 2019 by
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The next time you’re looking for places to display your art collection, don’t discount the unused space above your kitchen counter! According to a 2015 survey by a leading market research firm, people around the world spend an average of almost 6.5 hours a week cooking – plenty of time to take in an inspiring landscape photograph or an energizing original oil painting while you whip up your favorite dish or enjoy a relaxing glass of wine. We scoured the Web to find these beautiful kitchens infused with art and style. Take a look and gather some fresh ideas about the best ways to display art in the most popular room of the house!

1. Feature colorful contemporary art to liven up an all-white kitchen

This energetic abstract painting adds a burst of color to a clean and modern contemporary kitchen while complimenting the surrounding wooden textures.

Saatchi art 1
Image: Design by Terrat Elms Interior Design / Found on Decoist

2. Take advantage of unique wall space to display a bold art print

You can make an otherwise tiny kitchen feel stately by drawing people’s gaze upward.

S art 2
Image: Styled by Emily Henderson

3. Place paired artwork, photography and prints around your windows to keep space balanced

If you want to spice up your kitchen decor while promoting a feeling of orderly calm, try featuring symmetrical artwork, photos or graphic prints in matching frames.

S Art 3
Image: The House Diaries

4.  Don’t be afraid to go oversized

Actress Ellen Pompeo incorporates a giant framed original photograph into her kitchen decor, taking the setting from charming to luxe.

S art 4
Image: Photography by Tim Street-Porter/Elle Decor

5. Consider a salon-style gallery wall

If your cucina has sky-high ceilings already, take advantage of your good fortune and consider using all that available space to create a salon-style gallery wall. Pick up some easy tips to get you started from our how-to-video on Leaf TV. Arranging an elegant (or an eclectic!) gallery wall in your kitchen or dining nook is a worthy way to display a mix of your favorite artwork, and can be especially effective for showcasing your small photos, contemporary paintings and entertaining art prints.

S art 5
Image: Elle Decoration Sweden via Domaine

6. Transform your galley into a gallery

Even compact kitchens have room to display some of your art collection if you think outside the box. Consider hanging small framed prints or paintings on the side of cabinets or end walls, and turn an unused space into pause for inspiration!

S art 6
Image: Found on Decoholic

7. Perch your paintings, art photography and small sculpture on open shelving or on top of cabinets

This is a great way to add visual interest and keep your counters clear. Framed art displayed on open shelves adds an inviting focal point to an open, airy kitchen.

S art 7
Image: Photograph by Laure Joliet/Remodelista

8. Don’t overlook your nook

If your kitchen includes built-in seating or a breakfast nook, showcasing some art helps tie that area in with the rest of your home and sets the mood for your space. Play with contrasting textures to emphasize the appeal of your favorite original paintings. Try featuring artwork in front of exposed brick or earthy wood to enhance its visual impact.

S art 8
Image: Kitchen designed by Virginia Volman, featuring painting by Kate Merritt Davis, photo from Birmingham Home & Garden

9. Pick art that compliments your appliances, floors or tile work

Displaying some original art in your kitchen is a wonderful way to compliment custom color appliances, unique floors, or one-of-a kind tile work. Try shopping for original paintings or art prints that flatter the other stylish elements in your kitchen to pull everything together and take your decor up a notch. This brilliant blue Smeg refrigerator looks even more amazing topped with a peacock and a framed landscape painting in complimentary colors.

Saatchi art 9
Image: Found on Apartment Therapy

Explore Saatchi Art’s Kitchen Art Collection for a taste of the best in original paintings, art photography and fine art now.

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Katherine Henning is the Associate Curator and Art Advisor at Saatchi Art. She was formerly the Assistant Curator at Saatchi Art. She received her MA in History of Art and the Art Market: Modern and Contemporary Art from Christie’s Education, New York, and her BA in English Literature (Creative Writing) from University of Southern California. Some of her favorite art historical movements are Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and Fauvism. She includes in her list of favorite contemporary artists Yayoi Kusama, Richard Serra, James Turrell, and Kehinde Wiley.

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