8 Easy Fourth of July Crafts to Add Patriotic Flair to Your Party

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Break out the sparklers and the barbecue aprons — it’s that time of the year again. Celebrating the country we live in, and our freedom as Americans, is such a special gift. Here are eight DIY projects to showcase your patriotism this July. Deck your home out in red, white and blue and family using these four items for inspiration: Mason jars, bandanas, paint and ribbons. 

Mason Jars

Courtesy of madefrompinterest.net

The Mason jar makes for a great blank canvas to decorate with; try filling jars with layers of colored rice like the ones in this tutorial. Top them off with a small tea light to add a soft glow to the night.

Courtesy of Golden Upcycling

Another great thing about Mason jars is that they’re versatile; spice up the dining decor with a few brightly colored utensils or some painted stars and stripes. This inexpensive, simple design leaves a lasting impression on guests with its bold, patriotic colors.


Courtesy of too-much-time.com

This adorable swap for bandanas in place of napkins creates a homey and personal touch for guests and family as you celebrate around the table. Secure with a small string of ribbon or rubber band to hold the bandana in place, and voila!

Courtesy of True Destiny Designs

Another beautiful use for the bandana is this simple, yet memorable bandana pillow. Place them around the living room or on the porch outside the barbecue to draw guests in and provide a place for conversation.


1_paint.4th of July Painted Lawn Stars
Courtesy of The Concrete Cottage

This fun decoration will surely be noticed by guests and will be a big hit with kids. Pick up a red, white or blue can of construction-marking paint to create any red, white and blue design you like. A great alternative to paint here is flour! Sift it onto the grass over a star-shaped stencil and you’ll have white stars covering the lawn in no time.

Courtesy of Landleelu

This patriotic sign is so simple to recreate and provides a solid statement piece for any room. Try out the painted sign for your next Fourth of July celebration.


Fourth of July crafts
Courtesy of the Ribbon Retreat

Ribbons are a great way to mark the entrance to a room or add some flair to windows for the holiday. Create your own string of ribbon garland, and really make it your own; choose from fun, bold designs like blue chevron and red polk-a-dot.

Courtesy of craftiments
Courtesy of craftiments

Looking to create a backdrop for pictures at your cookout? Try this fun, creative ribbon flag. The design can easily be hung from a tree or door.

How are you decorating for the Fourth of July? Tell us in the comments below!

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