Edible Decorations You Can Make to Sweeten Your Home for the Holidays

Updated on February 15th, 2022

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home with festive decor. If you are looking for a way to change up your decorations this year while having fun with the whole family, try filling your home with edible decorations. Creating edible decorations is easy, unique, and they will make your home smell great. 

To give you some ideas, we reached out to experts from Stafford, TX to Hamilton, ON to share their tips on how you can create edible decorations for your home this holiday season. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Sweet edible decorations for your home

Create a festive breakfast

For a festive breakfast table, try cooking pancake batter in holiday-themed metal cookie cutters. The result is a platter of beautiful, fluffy pancakes in the shapes of Christmas trees, Santas, candy canes, etc. For added flair and flavor, add eggnog to your pancake batter and top with warm maple syrup and whipped cinnamon nutmeg butter. – Trendgredient

Make aromatic ornaments with the family

Get your whole family together to make aromatic ornaments. They are fun and easy ornaments made out of just applesauce and cinnamon. Kids will love to help create these edible decorations and your house will smell amazing. – Becky’s Best Bites

Use fruit peels for a creative garland

For the holidays I love to buy a big bag of oranges. I slice them and then dry them in the oven at low heat. Not only does it make the house smell amazing but you can use them to make into Christmas tree ornaments, in a mulling spice with some wine, or string them together as garland to make the house festive. – Become Betty

Build a hot cocoa bar

One of my favorite decorations in our home during the holidays is a build your own hot cocoa bar displayed in the kitchen. From decadent hot cocoa mix and fluffy marshmallows to candy cane pieces and flavored syrups all neatly displayed in cute mason jars, a hot cocoa bar is a fun and equally delicious way to spruce up your kitchen counter. – Urban Tastebud

Hot cocoa

Create a gingerbread house strong enough to display all season

Want a gingerbread house to withstand the little ones while they are decorating? The secret to creating a strong gingerbread house is using white chocolate and freeze spray. Put the house together with melted white chocolate and then use a little freeze spray to solidify the chocolate in seconds. This way your gingerbread house can be an edible decoration that can stand strong throughout the entire holiday season. – Cake Craft Shoppe

Make your home smell amazing 

Being home for the holidays means making our home feel cozy and warm, including making the house smell as inviting as possible. I love to put thick slices of orange in a small pot of water along with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. Then I simmer everything on low heat, adding more water as needed. This fills the house with the most delicious smell. – Taste As You Go

Oranges, cloves, and other spices

Decorate your Christmas tree with candy canes

It’s a tradition in my family to hang wrapped candy canes on the tree every year. My grandma would then hand out the candy canes to the kids (and some adults too) on Christmas Day. With so much variety in candy cane flavors, these edible decorations make themselves a meaningful and delicious tradition. – Erin Leonard Events

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