Decorating with Flowers: Expert Advice to Elevate Your Home’s Floral Decor

Updated on September 6th, 2023

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Flowers have the remarkable ability to elevate the decor of any home. Whether you live in an apartment in Irvine, CA or a home in Lexington, KY, adding a touch of elegance and freshness to your living spaces will make a positive impact. Whether you’re a seasoned floral enthusiast or just starting, these expert tips will help you enhance your home’s floral decor.

1. Embrace neutral tones for timeless elegance

“When in doubt, use neutral tones. Colors like white and green compliment any space regardless of decor choice, while also adding a touch of modern elegance,” shares Stephanie from Mercer Island Florist.

Neutral tones act as a canvas, allowing your flowers to take center stage. White lilies, green foliage, and soft creams create a serene atmosphere that complements any interior style.

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2. Focus on flower variety, space, and placement

Flowers can freshen up any space, but their impact depends on the flower variety, space, and placement. Justine Aylward, Program and Category Manager at Floral at New Seasons Market, advises, “For higher spaces like mantles or bookcases, go dramatic with tall and draping flowers and branches to make a statement. Try tall flowers, such as lilies or sunflowers that drape a bit with an accent flower like hanging amaranthus.” 

3. Match containers to your home’s style

According to Lawrence The Florist Team, “Choose containers that mimic your home’s style, whether it’s new or vintage, to inspire your arrangement’s design. Bring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest into your home by choosing local seasonal foliage and flowers with your favorite colors and textures whenever possible.”

Selecting containers that resonate with your decor style can fluidly bring your space together. 

4. Maintain freshness for longer lasting blooms 

“Flowers do best away from direct light and kept as cool as possible. Even putting them in a cool dark room when you are not home enjoying them can extend their life. I also recommend a re-cut of the stems at an angle and changing the water often,” states  Ann Vandehey, owner of Annabell’s Garden & Floral Design.

A recut of the stems at an angle and regular water changes keep your blooms vibrant for longer.

Owner of Goldenrod Floral Design Carlee Donnelly, advises, “When choosing or designing flowers for your own home, always, always strip any bottom leaves or foliage from the stems. Leaving foliage in water will cause your flowers to die faster.”

“The key to longer-lasting blooms is fresh, clean water,” says the Ribbon and Twine Floral Team. “Remove all leaves and dirt from the stems before placing them in the vase and refill with new water every few days.”

Clean water and removing foliage is essential for keeping your floral arrangements vibrant.

5. Embrace seasonal blooms

Cory Beckman, Owner of Milwaukie Floral and Garden, emphasizes the importance of freshness, “Fresh is best. Local flower shops refresh selections all week long, but in my professional experience shopping midweek guarantees a good selection of fresh blooms.”

“To add cheer to a room or spruce up your decor, keep it simple and fresh by asking your florist for the flowers that are currently in their peak season,” says Laura Gifford Kerr, Owner of Gifford’s Flowers.

Seasonal blooms not only reflect nature’s beauty but also align with the changing seasons, keeping your decor fresh. Choosing flowers that are in season ensures their quality and affordability.

“Pick flowers that are in season, even going with a bunch of the same flower. Keep it simple,” suggests Owner of Emerald Petals, Hilary Holmes. Single-variety blooms gathered in your favorite vase create a timeless and elegant look that suits any decor style.

6. Choose containers wisely

“Use an opaque container that will disguise any discoloration in the water,” advises The Flower Lab Team. “Ask your florist for a design that reflects the home’s style, such as modern garden style, or architectural for the most appropriate style.”

Containers play a crucial role in enhancing your floral arrangements’ visual appeal and blending with your home’s decor.

7. Create a living arrangements for longevity

Val Wayne of Acorn Floral recommends creating living arrangements. “Start with a decorative planter, choose a few orchid plants from your local grocery store or garden center and a few small 2 inch potted plants and assemble them pot and all inside your decorative planter. Then use crumpled butcher paper to wedge all the plants in place and cover with sheet moss. These living arrangements can run up to hundreds of dollars retail, but you can DIY one for under $100.”

Living arrangements are ideal for home decor because they can last for months and instantly elevate a space. It’ll be worth the cost when you consider the shelf life.

8. Combine flowers with herbs for aromatherapy

According to Lisa Aliment of Bear Creek Florist, “Growing herbs like sage, mint, or rosemary isn’t just for cooking anymore. Add those clippings to simple flower bouquets to add more aromatherapy to the room.”

The combination of flowers and herbs can engage multiple senses, enhancing the ambiance of your space.

9. Set the mood with color and design

“When selecting flowers for your home, think about the feeling you are trying to create,” advises Jennifer Silbergeld, Owner of Juniper Blooms. “Colorful, vibrant flowers bring a lively energy to the room, while a soothing neutral palette provides a more calm and peaceful environment.”

Consider how the flower arrangements can guide the viewer’s gaze around the room, whether through tall, eye-catching designs or low, intimate ones.

10. Brighten every room with small bunches

The One Little Bunch Team suggests, “Smaller bunches placed throughout the house will brighten up each room. A little bunch in the bathroom adds freshness and a pop of interest, or add a little bunch to your side or entry hall table for a welcoming surprise.”

Small floral accents can elevate the ambiance of every corner of your home.

11. Improve your mood with bouquets

“Flowers are not only beautiful but studies have shown that people report reduced stress levels when receiving bouquets or having flowers in their home after just 3 days,” says Melissa Mercado-Denke, founder of Campanula Design Studio. “Keep it simple – just a few bud vases in areas you spend the most time such as your kitchen or bedroom will have a positive impact on your mood.”

12. Create nostalgic vibes with flower choices

Juliet LaVassar, designer at LaVassar Florists, recommends selecting flowers that evoke memories: “Smell and memories are closely related, according to a 2020 Harvard study. Having flowers around that remind you of loved ones or life events brings joy into your home.”

Personal touches in your floral decor selections add a sentimental dimension to your home.

Incorporating these tips into your home decor journey will not only enhance your living space but also infuse it with the timeless beauty and natural charm of flowers. Whether you opt for dramatic arrangements or simple single-variety bouquets, the right flowers can transform any room into a sanctuary of color, fragrance, and elegance. So, let your creativity bloom and watch your home come to life with the magic of flowers. 

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