Get the Look: Curated Caravan

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Get the Look: Curated Caravan

Splashes of color, fanciful patterns and attention-grabbing texture are combined to introduce a look we fondly refer to as “Curated Caravan.” One of the most stylish and easy-to-incorporate trends of 2016, Curated Caravan is inspired by chic, playful design with the spirit of wanderlust. Hitting the scene as one of the must-have looks of the moment, we’ve broken it down into a few simple steps to take your home from boring to bohemian.

1. Cover Your Walls

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One of the easiest ways to instantly invigorate your space is with wall coverings. Wallpaper featuring texture, patterns, repetition or bright colors adds instant attention-grabbing detail. Our favorite patterns include classic ikat, tribal-inspired repetition and the go-to vertical stripe. If you want to update your furniture to match the trend, choose furnishings with simple staining or distressed finishes.

2. Pattern Play

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A key feature of Curated Caravan is bright and bold coloration, especially on fabrics, linens and rugs. Choose a few of your favorite patterns, colors and textures and incorporate them into your space via throw pillows, blankets, cushions and area rugs. Embody the spirit of Curated Caravan by mixing prints of different scale and color. Looking to take it a step further? Splash patterns on your curtains and accessories, too!

3. Swap Out Hardware

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Add a personal touch to the Curated Caravan style by swapping out uniform hardware for detailed handles, knobs and pulls. You’ll immediately notice a difference in your space with curated pieces like new handles on drawers and knobs on cabinets. Look for hardware that has a distressed sheen for added bohemian flare.

4. Au Natural

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Keep the bohemian vibes going by adding fresh greenery and natural fibers throughout your space. A potted plant near a window and a jute rug instantly bring the outdoors in and add a note of freshness to balance the bold colors and pattern-centric fabrics. You can also go au natural by opting for woven wood window coverings. Even foliage-inspired prints can make all the difference!

5. Curate Touches

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Last but certainly not least, mix high and low accessories with your favorite trinkets, heirlooms and antiques to create vignettes throughout your home. Assemble each vignette using trays and lighting to make the spaces really pop. Some of our favorite bohemian-inspired scenes include potted plants, apothecary jars, candles, vases and unique antiques.

How will you create a Curated Caravan scene in your own space?

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