Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Matt Damon: Which Oscar Nominee Has The Winning Home?

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Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Matt Damon: Which Oscar Nominee Has The Winning Home?

With the 88th Academy Awards just around the corner, Redfin decided to take a look at the homes owned by Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon; both stars are nominated for Actor in Leading Role. It turns out that we think both homes are a WIN, but which abode do YOU think is most award-worthy?

Leonardo DiCaprio- “The Revenant”


Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Academy Award five times over the years, making 2016 the sixth time the actor has been nominated. This COULD be the year Leo finally brings home the trophy. Luckily, his fabulous Palm Springs abode has a living room fireplace that’s the perfect spot for it. The 41-year-old actor splashed out $5.2 million for this chic mid-century modern abode back in 2014. The six-bedroom home spans more than 7,000 square feet and comes equipped with a tennis court, outdoor pool and plenty of space to entertain any number of guests…or love interests.

Matt Damon- “The Martian”


Matt Damon is no stranger to the Oscar ceremony either The 45-year-old actor has been nominated four times with one win under his belt. He’s also no stranger to real estate dealings. Last October, rumors were flying around that Damon quietly listed this Pacific Palisades palace with an asking price of about $20 million. The modern home has vaulted mahogany ceilings, an atrium, office, five-car garage and an outdoor pool. The seven-bedroom gated compound spans 8,890 square feet.

We want to know which abode YOU think is most award-worthy. Vote below and tell us what you love about the home in the comments, or on Twitter @Redfin.

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